Welcome to your community Auction page.Your Community foundation for san Benito ar is as soon as again hosting this county wide “San Benito ar Auction”. We are excited to have actually 31 participating nonprofits and have much more than one hundred and fifty auction lots because that you come bid on.

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This Auction will additionally give girlfriend an opportunity to support your lover nonprofits with an outright donation.

I expect you, her family and friends can support our impressive nonprofits in this exciting event by bidding ~ above our many fabulous auction items or do a donation to your favorite nonprofit.

With much gratitude!

Sincerely yours,

Gary Byrne


BROWSE THE virtual AUCTIONitems from our participating nonprofits.

REGISTER to BIDon auction items.

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Breast Cancer Assistance group of Monterey Co.

Bulldog Boxing

CASA of san Benito County

Central coast VNA

Chamberlain"s Youth Services

Community Food financial institution of mountain Benito County

Emmaus House

Gabilan chapter Kinship Center

Go Kids, Inc

Hazel Hawkins Hospital Auxiliary

Hazel Hawkins Hospital Foundation

Health tasks Center

Hollister neighborhood Outreach

Hollister Downtown Association

Hollister Exchange Club

Jovenes de Antano

Latino Generations Committee


Mission san Juan Bautista preservation Fund

Partnership for Children

PEO chapter WX

Pet Friends and Rescue

REACH mountain Benito Parks Foundation

Salvation Army, Hollister Corps

San Benito agricultural Land Trust

San Benito ar Arts Council

San Benito County historical Society

San Benito stage Company

United means of san Benito County

Women"s club of Hollister

About Us

The mountain Benito ar Auction is a county-wide online auction that benefits neighborhood participating nonprofits in our community. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous nonprofits have had actually to publication or scale ago their classic fundraisers.This is an possibility for human being to still assistance their favorite mountain Benito County establishments in a fun and also healthy way.

The Community structure for mountain Benito county is thrilled to have the ability to host this virtual auction chance for those who room participating. We recognize that the funds raised will support the goals of each non-profit to make san Benito ar a far better place for all!