Surviving in the harsh world of Conan Exiles calls for the right tools. Below is how to craft and also use Hardened Brick.

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Conan Exiles is all about setting yourself increase in a harsh world, and also there"s nothing far better to protect your hard work than Hardened Brick. It have the right to be provided to administer sturdy defenses for your base. After ~ a couple of changes, Hardened Brick is much easier to come by than it offered to be.

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Hardened Brick is also used to craft a number of late-game items, including the Sanctum the Set, the Armored pet Pen, and also some critical building items, choose the Improved furnace and big Water Well. Here"s whatever you have to craft bricks, and also the procedure behind it.

just how To handmade Hardened Brick

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There space a couple of items and also materials you need prior to you can craft Hardened Brick in Conan Exiles. Here"s a rundown.

Hardened Brick is crafted v Brick and Stone Consolidant. do in a Firebowl furnace or other furnaces.

Brick is crafted indigenous 10 rock in a furnace. Stone Consolidant is crafted with two Resin and six tree Fibers.

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Here"s how to gain the crafting products you require for rock Consolidant:

To gain Resin you need Iron tools. Struggle a tree with an iron Pick and also you"ll acquire Bark and Resin. It"s a an easy method. Much better tools provide much better drops that Resin and also Bark. Friend don"t acquire Resin from dead trees. tree Fiber can be gathered through hand native plants. It"s very easy to gain plenty of tree Fiber come craft rock Consolidant. The adjust from Ichor and also Twine on previous patches provides acquiring more Hardened Brick much much easier than it supplied to be.

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Hardened Brick is a critical component of part pretty essential items and also buildings in Conan Exiles. Here"s a closer look.

Sanctum of Set – This needs 400 Hardened Brick to craft, therefore you better get harvest Resin and also Fiber. Armored pet Pen – All pet pens can hold the same amount that pets and take the exact same time to tame, the Armored animal Pen just has much more hitpoints. Calls for 100 Hardened Brick come craft. Improved Furnace, Kiln – The middle-tier of furnaces in the game, the Improved heater (Kiln) has actually a better crafting speed and fuel efficiency than the boosted Furnace. Requires 50 Hardened Brick. This can be one of the first things you craft with your Hardened Brick. Various building materials, prefer the Aquilonian set, the Arena set, and the Argossean set. These all require a various amount the Hardened Brick to craft.

Overall, Hardened Brick is just one of the most valuable materials to craft in Conan Exiles. You"ll require it for a range of structure projects, and improving altars and overall productivity in her base.

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Conan Exiles is accessible on PlayStation 4, Xbox collection X/S, Xbox One, and PC. The location is likewise on Xbox game Pass.

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