Funcom is gearing up for a major update to its Conan Exiles expansion, Isle that Siptah. Launched in early accessibility last September, Isle that Siptah will certainly be updated tomorrow to variation 2.4, a milestone patch the will add plenty the features and also content as we learned in a recent presentation.

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For starters, the playable area that the Siptah map will be enhanced by approximately 20% with the addition of 3 biomes, the Ashlands, the Floodlands, and the Savannah. This provides Siptah nearly as huge (90% or so, follow to Funcom) together the original Exiled soil map while also enhancing the diversity of the settings within the Isle of Siptah.

A incubadoradeartistas.comand new religion is currently available, the Cult the Zath. The Spider God (whose in-game statue deserve to be checked out in the featured image) deserve to be summoned to crush your opponents for a quick time, despite it’ll take a lot of resources to accomplish the feat.

PvE (Player matches Environment) has actually been expanded as a whole, following the community’s feedback. The map is now occupied with new enemy races, incubadoradeartistas.comand-new NPC camps, and also points that interest. A new mechanic allows the on-demand summoning of certain bosses that can usually only be fought during storms. Football player will need to roam roughly the camps come gather your figurines and subsequently lug them to a summoning altar. The course, death them will certainly be very profitable in regards to loot.

Beginning with update 2.4, the very requested personality transfer function gives players the chance to relocate a character between official and unofficial servers while maintaining the name, appearance, level, and every one of the character’s backpack. It’ll likewise be possible to move between the Exiled Lands and also the Isle of Siptah.

Last yet not least, the game’s visuals obtained an review of that lighting and environments. The skybox is much much more detailed and there’s now volumetric fog, too; you can inspect out part comparison screenshots below.

Following the presentation, we got to interview Funcom project Director Scott small to comment on what’s next for Conan Exiles after Isle of Siptah.


Is over there anything you deserve to share around future plans with Siptah and Conan Exiles as a whole? Any more landmass planned?

The team is still working on both Isle of Siptah and also Conan Exiles and also will proceed to carry out so. After 2.4 is released, we will certainly evaluate the state the both maps and then start working on one of two people a new feature or a new map. We will certainly share an ext with the community once us are more along the incubadoradeartistas.comeakthrough process.

The Mummy the the Ring, or absence thereof, continues to it is in a object of discussion in between fans. Will certainly players view that added eventually?

Unfortunately, we space not all set to talk about this yet.

User-made mode have presented that a few squares of new landmass can be added to the Exile lands in the upper right quadrant. We recognize that there are some dungeons situated in that location already, but some landmass can be added. While the isn’t a significant amount, football player have shown a solid desired to watch that quadrant filled the end more. Is there any type of discussion to include some an ext land in the area because that the Exile Lands?

As you declared the northeast quadrant of the map is where we currently have the bulk of dungeon contents located. We might work about this to answer added gameplay areas to the Exiled Lands, however for now, we perform not have any type of plans to carry out this. If future attributes require extr gameplay room we would most likely use this area because that this, but I don’t have anything concrete to discuss around that appropriate now.

During a dev stream, you when talked about a an individual desire come see tiny engagements with followers. Such as ordering a squad of followers at a time, i m sorry sounded similar to features seen in other games where you command squads or armies. Is that still on the table in the future? If so, exactly how would that be balanced since even a single follower can be therefore strong?

I was probably getting lugged away through my fandom of an additional game that deals with horses and also swords. If we included a feature to allow players come control an ext than 1 follower and engage in follower formation combat, we would have to rebalance how an effective followers right now are.

The Maelstrom summoning adversaries has presented to it is in a renowned feature in Isle the Siptah. The Sandstorm because that the Exile Lands was once thought about as a opportunity to execute the same. Any kind of consideration come incubadoradeartistas.cominging ago the idea that summoning monster in the Sandstorm in the Exile Lands?

We had actually some prototypes the this feature working yet unfortunately, it incubadoradeartistas.comought about too many performance concerns for us to walk forward through development. Since then, us have included several biomes to the Exiled Lands that wouldn’t really occupational with a sandstorm. Currently, we do not have any plans top top implementing the feature.

With Bows taking a backseat come armor penetration in variation 2.4, this once again opens a door for the Crossbow to do a comeback. Players have actually expressed a desire to check out them return since Crossbows were initially taken out. Any thoughts on including them back in, or go that include a many balance issues?

We changed the bulk of alters to bows/arrows based upon feedback native our external test group and from the testers on test live. The final version will be a change to the damage for Hollowbone Arrows. Together for crossbows, we don’t have any plans of including them appropriate now. If we decide to include a new weapon type, us will take into consideration it though.

Do you have any plans because that Isle of Siptah distinct mounts, or any other future mounts, such as the Elephant or Camel?

The mount Update and also Riders the Hyboria to be both very successful additions to Conan Exiles, therefore we will certainly consider including additional mount varieties in the future.

The Isle the Siptah development has a many water top top it. You space now adding PvP water combat. How about PvE water combat? If so, will the water dungeon ~ above the Exile Lands be updated to reflect that?

We nothing have any plans to include underwater combat versus monsters best now. If we perform in the future, us will take into consideration updated The Sunken City and also any submarine vaults.

The vaults of Isle that Siptah are highly appreciated by fans in the beforehand access. There room still countless places where much more could it is in added, though. Are any added vaults or dungeons ~ above the table because that the future?

I’m glad people enjoy the vaults. Ns think the team that worked on them go a fantastic job. Currently, we do not have any type of plans to add additional vaults come the Isle of Siptah. Upgrade 2.4 adds a lot of of new NPC camps, point out of Interest, and incubadoradeartistas.comand-new PvE mechanics because that players come discover.

Do girlfriend have any kind of plans to rework the Clan system, an especially with regards to ranking permissions?

It is one of the functions we may look at updating in a future release.

The new skybox changes, volumetric lighting/fog look an excellent on Siptah. Are there any plans to include these same graphic improvements to the Exile Lands? and if not, could you share why the is?

I am an extremely proud that the work that our art/engineering team did with the update to lighting on Isle that Siptah and I’m glad to hear world are enjoying how Isle that Siptah looks. Us have disputed introducing volumetric fog come Exiles but right currently we can not commit come it because of the results it has actually on client performance for the console versions of the game. If we gain a possibility in the future, the is definitely something I desire to do, yet we need to focus on optimizations because that Siptah and Exiled lands on XB1 and PS4 first.

Will Conan Exiles be amplified for game stations 5 and also Xbox series S|X? If so, have the right to you share the relevant technical details?

Update 2.3 adds machine profiles for the Xbox series X and S which will increase performance. In update 2.4 we have actually introduced a lot of optimizations because that the PS4 and also XB1 variation that will further increase power on all platforms. Us aren’t all set to re-superstructure the precise details yet, but we will before 2.4 is released on consoles.

Do you have any kind of plans to include Unreal Engine attributes such together NVIDIA DLSS and/or ray tracing impacts to Conan Exiles? What about DirectX 12 and/or Vulkan assistance on PC?

We don’t have actually anything come discuss around this right now.

What are the odds the we’ll view the game on other UE-supported platforms favor Google Stadia and/or the Nintendo Switch?

We nothing have any kind of plans for added platforms that we can talk about right now.

Thank friend for your time.

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