Goldstone appears to it is in a rare source for Conan Exiles football player to this day. However in truth it is not difficult to discover or create it. In this guide, us will present you how!

Gold is rare: It may not surprised you, but Goldstone is one of the rarest raw products in the survival RPG Conan Exiles. You deserve to only find the coveted product in a few places top top the map.


It is also still a mystery to plenty of players what exactly you deserve to do v it. That’s why in this Conan Exiles overview we show you how & wherein you can farm Goldstone and what you deserve to conjure up from it!

How to acquire massive quantities of Goldstone in Conan Exiles

This is the Location: The easiest way to mine Goldstone is come look because that veins the obsidian on the volcano to the north. If girlfriend dismantle this, you will receive quite a bit of Goldstone.

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But mining obsidian will certainly not meet the dream of shower in gold prefer Scrooge McDuck. Too hardly ever does a gold stone jump out of the ore.

The jungles in the eastern of the map additionally give you gold. But only if friend are actively diving for it. Since in the sunken boxes lie on the s floor, one or the other piece of yellow is hidden.


This is the simplest way: who does not know this saying:

“Do ns look choose i can sh*t gold?”

Well possibly this does not occupational in English the way, yet the German one sounds pretty accurate, believe me!

So in Conan Exiles friend can’t only look favor that, you have the right to really have an pet that dumps the end Goldstone!

Because the Rocknoses, animals that were recently combined into the game, precise defecate stones, iron, crystals and also gold. There space different varieties of them and also so there is a gold-vein Rocknose. If you feeding this one with stones, their droppings will consist that the following substances:

80 % Stone15 % Iron-Ore5 % Goldstone

If you have actually several gold-vein Rocknoses, you will certainly regularly gain gold blown right into the bottom – or out of it? I’ll leave the to you.


How to gain a Gold-Vein Rocknose!

You need lot luck: obtaining a stone nose is child’s play. Not acquiring a gold vein stone nose. First, you need to buy one egg. For 10 yellow coins, the dealer Shawna sells girlfriend an egg in the hyena’s den. However, you need to buy number of at once, why will you discover out soon.

You then bring this egg or many eggs into your base. Put them in the composter and wait. If you move away native the brooding eggs, they will hatch faster. This then takes approximately 7 – 8 minutes.

Now you require any animal pen in which you usage the Pebblenoses, as the predevelopment is called. Now it all depends on what food you give your Rocknose. To get a Gold-Vein Rocknose, you have to feed the pet gold, an ext precisely:

Gold dust: 6% possibility that a Gold-Vein Rocknose will develop.Shadespiced yellow Dust: 12% possibility of a Gold-Vein Rocknose.

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15 minutes later on you will obtain your result. If friend did not obtain a Gold-Vein Rocknose just try again! however if you are one lucky bastard in Conan Exiles and also it works ideal away, you have the right to look front to a steady flow of gold.

These were our 3 approaches of obtaining Goldstone in Conan Exiles! execute you know even more, than share it v us in the comment section!