Howard J. Goldsmith, Rabbi

As an elderly rabbi of Congregation Emanu-El the Westchester, Rabbi Goldsmith take away an intensely personal approach to Jewish leadership. The believes the each of united state is on a personal Jewish Journey and also that we best actualize ours Jewish selves in a warm, supportive, non-judgmental community. Because of this he continually fosters a breadth and depth of prayer experiences, programs, educational opportunities and also social action initiatives in cooperation with fellow clergy, staff, lay-leadership, congregants, and also community members. These enable each member of the congregation to forge a personally meaningful Jewish path.Rabbi Goldsmith at this time serves as the Presdient of the Westchester board of Rabbis whereby he top the Westchester 2040 plan to develop a joint rabbinic vision because that the future the the Westchester Jewish Community. He additionally proudly serves as a Chaplain for the Westchester ar Police Department. He was a fellow in UJA-Federation of brand-new York’s Rabbinic Fellowship because that Visionary Leaders. The No pay No means campaign of port Chester’s Don Bosco facility awarded that their financial Justice Award. That is also energetic with AJC and also a member the the central Conference of American Rabbis.Rabbi Goldsmith was born and raised in the new York area. He i graduated from Cornell University with a Bachelor’s degree in organization Management and Marketing. After a couple of years of human being resources consulting job-related with Sibson & Company, Howard attended Hebrew Union university – Jewish academy of religious beliefs (HUC) indigenous which he obtained rabbinic ordination in may 2007. While in ~ HUC he offered a wide selection of communities including: Eisner Camp, the Laramie Jewish neighborhood Center, new York-Presbyterian Hospital, Congregation Emanu-El of the City of new York, the Israel spiritual Action Center, Syracuse college Hillel and Stephen Wise totally free Synagogue. HUC awarded the the Aaron & Margery Levenstein prize in person Relations, the sarah & Samuel Chernick Memorial compensation in Halakhic Literature, and the temple Emanu-El (Dallas) compensation in Liturgy & Spirituality.After ordination, Rabbi Goldsmith offered as the Assistant Rabbi of Congregation Emanu-El of the City of brand-new York wherein he was affiliated in all areas of synagogue life. In addition to regular pulpit and life-cycle responsibilities, the led Emanu-El’s very first ever household trips come Israel, brought Emanu-El come the cutting edge of programming for those in their 20s and also 30s, aided to reinvigorate the spiritual School and also developed brand-new models for family worship. Throughout this time Rabbi Goldsmith was a member of Synagogue 3000’s Emergent Sacred areas Working team with other dynamic young rabbinic leader from all different streams of Judaism. He served as a Rabbinic Advisor and Maven because that Lab/Shul - Storahtelling, a Torah through arts organization. Rabbi Goldsmith co-chaired Cornell Hillel’s Jewish student Life Advisory Council.Rabbi Goldsmith’s hobbies incorporate cycling, hiking, skiing, cooking, wine, listening come music and also kayaking. He and also his wife, Rabbi Jennifer Goldsmith, live in new Rochelle, new York v their youngsters Lev and Talia.Contact Rabbi Goldsmith athgoldsmith
c-e-w.orgor 914-967-4382 x13.

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Naomi Fabes,Director the Education

Hailing indigenous the Lone Star State, Naomi earned her early Childhood and also Elementary education at the university of Texas in ~ Austin, wherein she was also involvedin Jewish campus life and also Israel activism. She moved to Manhattan to go after an M.A. In Jewish education fromThe Jewish Theological Seminary, v a concentration in Experiential Education. While in school, Naomi taught in multiple spiritual schools, offered as the education Internat Baruch college Hillel, spentsummers together a ropes course instructor in ~ Ramah day Camp in Nyack, and also taught as an assistant teacher in Jewish early on childhood programs.

In July 2014, Naomi started as a full time Educator at main Synagogue where she redesigned the religious school’s K-2nd grade curriculum, play an integral role in the advance and expansion of the family Engagement department, and also founded Camp Central, the synagogue’s early on childhood summer camp.

During her free time, Naomi deserve to be discovered dancing alongto live music, gardening, act puzzles, experimenting the beautiful outdoors and enjoying the cooking experiencethat is new York City. She stays on the Upper east Sidewith she husband, Sherman, and also their dog, Mallomar. Call Naomi in ~ nfabes
c-e-w.orgor 914-967-4382 x15.

Meredith Stone, Cantor

Cantor Meredith stone brings her magnificent voice to every one of our worship experiences. She has actually been through the congregation since 1985. During her lengthy tenure Cantor stone has made countless special contribute to the life that the congregation in enhancement to she usual duties of leading worship, teaching and also directing choirs.These include the development of a vibrant women’s study team with yearly retreats, an innovative initiatives in worship, and also years the innovative musical programs. A graduate that Brown University, she received a Master’s degree in voice native the university of southern California and also a Master’s of spiritual Music degree from Hebrew Union College, wherein she was likewise ordained asCantor. In 2011 Cantor stone was vested an Honorary Doctorate of Music from Hebrew Union College.

Cantor rock is an achieved soprano through a broad range of expert credits together soloist in opera and also oratorio. Amongst them room her operatic debut with the Baltimore Opera in The Magic Flute, and also Mahler’s second Symphony v the Anchorage Symphony. She obtained fellowships come the Tanglewood and Aspen Music Festivals and also was a prizewinner in number of vocal competitions including the Bel Canto structure National Opera Competition.

Cantor rock is a member that the American Conference the Cantors, the school of spiritual Music Alumni Association, and also Kol Hazzanim, a consortium of partner in Westchester, NY. She can be heard on number of recordings that Jewish music consisting of Evening, Morning and also Noon: The spiritual Music that Jack Gottlieb. She stays in brand-new York City with her husband, Martin and has twodaughters, Mirit and Lila. Contact Cantor stone atmstone
c-e-w.orgor 914-967-4382 x19.

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Jane Dubro, Youth tasks and program DirectorJane Du

bro has actually been our manager of Youth tasks and an educator for our 7 - 9thgraders for the critical 24 years. Jane majored in Psychology and minored in Holocaust researches at SUNY Stony Brook. She has actually done occupational with Facing background and Ourselves, Hillel, UJA, and also NYU Jewish culture Foundation. She serves on the education and learning Committee the the Holocaust & human Rights education and learning Center. Mrs is an extremely proud of our Youth team program’s emphasis on social action. Together an educator she is constantly difficult her own teaching format to improve her students’ discovering experience. As routine Director, she engages our entire community in meaningful and also engaging Jewish experiences. Jane lives in brand-new Rochelle with her husband, Alan. Contact Jane atjdubro or 914-967-4382 x11


Daniel S. Wolk,Rabbi Emeritus

Rabbi Daniel S. Wolk to be our congregation leader from 1967 come 2010. A graduate that Brown University and also The Hebrew Union College-Jewish institute of religion (HUC-JIR), the emulates his father, Rabbi Samuel Wolk, who served in Albany, new York, in a tradition of dynamic and also committed leadership.Warm, friendly and approachable, Rabbi Wolk is an ardent traveler, amateur archaeologist and also author. His commitment come both the congregation and also community is testified come by his tenure in ours pulpit and as a teacher that Old Testament scriptures at The school of The holy Child due to the fact that 1973, whereby he has been honored on numerous occasions. Rabbi Wolk is a member that the central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR).Contact Rabbi Wolk.

Marcie Aiuvalasit,Religious educator EmeritaMarcie A

iuvalasit was educated in a “Classical Reform” congregation on long Island. From the time she can remember, she has always wanted to it is in a teacher. Together a college student at Adelphi University, she began teaching spiritual school and also has never ever stopped. She earned a Master’s degree in Urban education and learning from Boston College and also taught in 2 Reform congregations in the Boston area. Wherever she found herself, she discovered a holy place in which to use her talent at teaching. Marcie concerned Congregation Emanu-El in 1987, together our director of spiritual Education. Her dynamic spirit, love of Judaism and also commitment to neighborhood has enabled her to establish an outstanding educational experience for our children. Marcie has a certificate as a household Educator indigenous the board of Jewish Education and completed the two year leadership Institute carried out by Hebrew Union College and also The Jewish Theological Seminary. She is an active member of the nationwide Association of holy place Educators (NATE).Contact Marcie atmaiuvalasit