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This is a guide for Contract: trouble in the ancient Forest, a Quest showing up in Monster Hunter people (MHW). Learn around Contract: problem in the old Forest"s availability, unlock conditions, target Monsters, and rewards because that completing the search here.

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Witcher 3 cooperation Quests
Contract: problem in the ancient Forest
Contract: backwoods Spirit

Basic Information

How to Unlock Contract: problem in the ancient Forest

Finish the base Game"s story. Speak to the Felynes close to Astera"s Tradeyard to obtain the one-of-a-kind Assignment chain.

Quest an easy Information

LvDestinationTypeResearch PointsTime LimitReward MoneyObjectiveOther Conditions
★9Ancient Forest
 Special Assignment -
 60 minutes19800z
Complete the assignment

All High Rank special Assignments

Singleplayer Only

It must be detailed that this pursuit is singleplayer only, unequal the following Witcher 3 teamwork quest.

Side pursuits Information

There are additionally side quests obtainable in this quest: The chef Issue and also Pukei-Pukei in Peril.

In order to success on The chief Issue next quest, you have to make certain that you have all the Palico gadgets.

For the Pukei-Pukei in Peril, friend will have actually to help the entangled Pukei-Pukei and also keep it alive throughout the Leshen fight.

Monster Information

As Geralt, you will be fighting the Leshen, a monster native The Witcher universe. It will certainly be quite difficult to fight, particularly for those that room not usually Sword and Shield users, yet with Geralt"s Igni, Quen, and Silver Sword, friend should have the ability to do it.Leshen Weakness and Strategy Guide


Geralt α complete Armor Set

When you finish the quest, you can gain the complete armor set, Geralt α. Currently you have the right to go around Gathering Hubs together the Butcher of Blaviken.

Witcher"s Silver sword Sword and also Shield

You will certainly be likewise able to craft the unique Sword and Shield, Witcher"s silver Sword, in ~ the Smithy.

Cursed employee α and also Nekker α Palico Gear

Yes, the Nekker in the picture is without doubt a Palico. You can make your Palico look exactly like the by crafting the Cursed staff α weapon and also the Nekker α armor at the Smithy.

Guild Card

Upon perfect of every the quests, friend will additionally get the Wild Hunt title for your guild card. If not, you will still gain other contents for your guild card, such as six other titles, one background, and one pose.

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Contract: trouble in the ancient Forest Quest and Rewards

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