Knvery own as "Med City" to locals, civilization love living in Rochester for its wide variety of amenities and also pet-friendliness. If you're thinking about relocating to Rochester, Minnesota, review on to learn even more about what it's choose to live in the location.

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Typical Home Price



Median Rent Price



Avg Salary



Cost of Living

-1.8% Nat. Avg.


Avg Commute Time

20 min


Hospital Rankings

1st in US


State Income Tax


Culture & Entertainment

Looking for fun things to execute in Rochester? Explore the area’s top attractions and also neighborhood hangouts to find every little thing Rochester has to sell.


Hiking Trails









City Parks



Music Venues





Rochester at a glance

Top markets in Rochester include health care, education and learning, and technology. In 2016, Rochester was ranked by Livcapacity as the top tiny to mid-sized city to live in. Rochester is residence to The Mayo Clinic continuously well-known for being among the best hospitals in the country. The City of Rochester officially became the first Amerihave the right to city to come to be an Intercultural City (ICC) in 2018.
Washington, DC
San Francisco, CA
Miami, FL
Las Vegas, NV
Houston, TX

How do I compare cities to discover the best areas to live?

The first action to figuring out where to live is research. Whether you have actually your heart set on moving to a details place or are just curious around different cities, acquiring insider understanding on a new location deserve to aid you identify if you might view yourself flourishing tbelow.

Using’s city guides, you deserve to learn much-needed indevelopment around a prospective location. Basic facts like the expense of living and also optimal markets present you what it’s prefer to live and also work in the city. More in-depth information like the number of parks, music venues, and also breweries paint a photo of the fun you could have tright here.

So, exactly how execute these city guides work?

We’ve compiled a varied list of information resources all in one area. Simply search for a particular city above, or discover the height metro locations in each state (and also Puerto Rico). View our city guides to learn the basics, like populace, weather, and real estate prices, and the fun stuff, choose society and also entertainment choices.

How perform I decide where to live?

Lots of components go into picking the location of your next life chapter. Does your firm have an office in a city that excites you? Does the industry you work-related in have a visibility in that metro area?

Do you want to very own a car, or is walkcapacity high on your priority list? Are you a museum buff, an avid hiker, or a music lover?

Sit down and also make a checklist of your city must-haves. Then, produce a list of general locations that pique your interest. Search for’s guides for those cities, and use those city guides as a beginning suggest to decide where to live following.

Where does the data for our city guides come from?

We sourced our core price of living data from the Council for Community and also Economic Research’s Cost of Living Index (COLI). The COLI is updated quarterly, utilizing data built up at the regional level for over 60 products and services. Learn even more around COLI research methodology.

Population data is sourced from the U.S. Census. The average salaries and real estate prices were compiled from TownCharts.

We sourced weather information from miscellaneous resources, consisting of yet not restricted to the National Centers for Environmental Indevelopment and The Weather Channel.

Documents for each city’s average commute time was pulled from the UNITED STATE Census, File USA, and also MarketWatch.

We compiled hospital data from Healthgrades, and also sales taxation information was sourced from the Tax Foundation.

Various resources were provided to collect society and also entertainment information, consisting of yet not limited to The Trust for Public Land also, Wikipedia, USA Zoos,, Indie on the Move, and also

Livcapability score offered by Areavibes. The Livcapability Score is a score out of 100 that was designed to aid evaluate the quality of a room. The score analyzes dozens of data points across seven vital categories: amenities, expense of living, crime, employment, housing, institutions, and user ratings.

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