“Couples therapy Workbook: 30 Guided Conversations come Re-Connect Relationships”

Kathleen Mates-Youngman M.A. LMFT

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The Couples therapy Workbook is a collection of guided concerns to encourage meaningful couple conversations and build ongoing, connected communication. The main point of this distinctive workbook is 30 guided conversations that address the most an essential relationship areas. Because that each the the 30 topics, over there is an introduction, goal-setting strategies and also 10 scripted inquiries to ask each other – every presented in one easy-to-use mindful style.



“A treasure-trove of guided conversations to rise intimacy and friendship”

Ellyn Bader, PhD, Founder/Director The Couples Institute



"Kathleen is exciting to job-related with! She is really receptive come feedback and also prompt v her responses. Attendees in ~ our workshops likewise really enjoy her together a presenter!"

"Kathleen is a valuable source to have actually at any kind of event. She grounded, inspiring and engaging energy brings authentic link and space to learn and practice. Kathleen uses a unique method by leading with her very own philosophy that enables anyone to feeling connected and open. Kathleen is knowledgeable in the areas she teaches and also gives you a real-life view of just how to utilize this understanding in your very own life. Catalent is whole-hearted and also passionate about her work allowing others the chance to be influenced through her."

"What a distinctive resource! A treasure-trove the guided conversations to rise intimacy and friendship. Therapists regularly ask me for good homework assignments. This publication does the thinking for you. Keep it on hand and whether its values, sex, conflict or other challenging issues, you"ll have actually a ready-made method to aid your clients make immediate progress."

"Instead of providing analysis, advice or theory, The Couples treatment Workbook offers just that, a set of inquiries to wake up conversations that assist couples deepen their engagement through each other and reconnect. Every couples will uncover this an outstanding guide, and also all therapists will find it an reliable instrument to complement the therapeutic process. I extremely recommend it and also complement the author on her creativity and also attention to the core details of a linked relationship."

— Harville Hendrix, Ph. D. And Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph. D., Authors, do Marriage basic and gaining the Love friend Want.

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"When us learned we had an author and also relationship education in the community, we knew we want to feature Kathleen in our regional magazine appropriate away. Catalen is right now a constant contributor and also has addressed assorted topics indigenous “keeping love alive” come embracing the joys of gift a grandparent. We space lucky to have a warm and also knowledgeable experienced sharing she insights through us."

"This is a valuable source for anyone working v couples. Any couple can profit greatly if they room willing to take Kathleen Youngman"s an obstacle to check out these crucial topics and also discuss this wonderful questions."