The cheap basement Batman-like superhero indigenous the “Wonderful World” that Sam Singer involved vinyl v an album-length comedy adventure made just for records.

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COURAGEOUS CATin the story the “Around the human being in a Daze”Original TV CharactersSimon Says records M-32 (12” 33 1/3 RPM / Mono)

Released in 1960. Producer: Beckjohn Productions. To run Time: 24 minutes.Voices: Dal McKennon (Courageous Cat, Minute Mouse, Walter Geshundheit, Harry, tourism Guide); john Holiday (The Frog; snake Charmer).

Courageous Cat and also Minute Mouse was among several low-budget animated series that offered local stations a mountain of episodes—like King Features’ Popeye the Sailor, Cambria’s The new Three Stooges and also many others, these offered local train station the flexibility to bundle them with each other as one show, mix castle with various other cartoons and also toss them in as essential if a movie ended too early.

On numerous occasions, producer Sam Singer has been affectionately called “the Ed hardwood of animation” by our own Jerry Beck. He could additionally be considered the computer animation industry tantamount to bottom-budget live-action producer Sam Katzman. Also Paul Terry, whose cartoons to be inconsistent and increasing parsimoniously, come up through characters and plots that recorded audiences’ attention and also even affection (much come the credit of Terry’s an innovative personnel). Sam Singer’s cartoons had small appeal and have no stood the check of time, also as cult fodder, other than through Jerry’s legendary “Worst Cartoons” gift at the mountain Diego Comicon and elsewhere.

Singer’s The Adventures the Paddy the Pelican (1950) has actually a theme track so lackluster, it might be a send-up of design template songs. The animation is dependency on cycles. Jabbering mouth movements are overdubbed (without those charming Fleischer-like results).

Another Singer cartoon, The Adventures the Pow Wow (1956) is a non-comic collection of story featuring a young aboriginal American boy, this time making use of a narrator to protect against synching dialogue.

A cel indigenous POW WOW THE INDIAN BOY

As because that Bucky and Pepito (1959), her humble author recalls the strange, echoing theme song to Bucky and also Pepito together so downright creepy, the haunted his childhood ears. The vocalists sound together if they space trapped in ~ the bottom that a deep well (like Timmy, before Lassie arrived v help).

The many successful and also well-regarded of Sam Singer’s cartoons is not so much associated with his name 보다 that the Bob Kane, who through Bill Finger also created Batman. Inconceivable as it might seem now, Batman was losing popularity by the so late 1950’s and early 1960’s, and Courageous Cat to be born out of necessity.

“It’s pretty apparent Kane come up through Courageous Cat as a rip turn off of Batman,” Jerry said me. “Sam Singer was never an extremely creative, and the writing—such together it is—is better on this collection than in the other Singer cartoons, therefore I provide Kane the credit transaction for that!

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen an interview through Kane that mentions his involvement v Courageous Cat. In fact I nothing think he ever mentioned his other TV series, Cool McCool, that much. But it is true that DC to be going come cancel Batman comics, till the transaction for the 1966 abc TV collection came come be.”

The other “respectable” Sam Singer cartoon to be Sinbad, Jr., which to be owned by American-International Television. AIP replaced Singer midstream in production on Sinbad v Hanna-Barbera, for this reason there space two set of cartoons from every studio (see this Spin for the story behind its record album).

Dal McKennon, voice of both Courageous Cat and Minute Mouse, was one of the busiest character actors in both live-action and also animation in the 50’s and 60’s specifically for Walter Lantz, Walt Disney, George Pal, arts Clokey and also of course, Sam Singer. His signature lead voices contained Gumby and also Archie Andrews, but he did plenty of supporting voices in Mary Poppins, Lady and also the Tramp, Bedknobs and Broomsticks and also tom thumb. He play Cincinnatus on Fess Parker’s long-running Daniel Boone collection and his movie appearances encompass the chef in the “high-test” diner step in Hitchcock’s The Birds.

Simon Says documents was a tiny children’s document label that started in 1948 by business man Larry push as The document Guild of America. The label created all manner 78- and 45-RPM singles, numerous in novelty formats such as snapshot discs or v motion-making tools to create simple movements as the records played (similar come the Red Robin documents of the same era). Nearly every Simon says LP boasted white covers through bright an easy colors, differentiated by a big color one on the front. Licensed cartoon characters were an extremely rare because that the label, the just other gift Astro Boy.

Johnny holiday was the music supervisor for Sam Singer cartoons. Together a songwriter, he co-wrote the disturbing template for Bucky and Pepito (the credits misspell his name as “Johhny”). Because that Courageous Cat, Holiday came up through something special–an unforgettable Henry Mancini-style design template that transcended the series.

The design template has delighted in cult status of a sort, through a rock variation performed through the group new York Dolls and a spot-on re-creation for the second volume of Television’s biggest Hits top top Tee-Vee Toons Records. However, the really soundtrack theme must not have actually been licensed to be offered on records and also does not appear at all on the Simon claims LP (or any type of other advertising recording). The Simon states album does include a wide an option of production library music, simply as the TV variation did, probably selected and edited by Holiday.

Also, follow to the album note (which misspell actor Dal McKennon’s name as “McKenna”), holiday voices The Frog. It has been noted elsewhere that The Frog can have to be voiced by Bob McFadden, and it does sound prefer him, however Singer cartoons to be made in the LA area. Why use the spending plan to hire the brand-new York-based McFadden actor once you can have your own music supervisor carry out a much cheaper Edward G. (“Nyaah! Nyaah!”) Robinson imitation for the Frog?For much more about Sam Singer, visit Don Yowp’s fascinating website.

GIVE A tiny LISTEN“Around the civilization in a Daze”

The Courageous Cat LP is almost five times much longer than the five-minute TV versions, yet the episodic story is consisted of of smaller sized vignettes, therefore it might just too have been a wire of quick cartoons. Written specifically for the album, the a take-off ~ above Jules Verne’s Around the human being in 80 Days, v Courageous and also Minute taking the ar of Phileas Fogg and also Passepartout and The Frog standing in because that Inspector Fix. The Frog make the efforts to victory their race about the world by constantly trying to place Courageous Cat in jeopardy with each attempt ending in wackiness. A Walter Cronkite-like newscaster (McKennon) web links the adventures together, complete with a teletype sound effect comparable to the one provided as the “theme” because that the CBS evening News.

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“The writing—such together it is—is far better on this series than in the various other Singer cartoons, therefore I give Kane the credit transaction for that!”

Bob Kane was no writer (or much of an artist), but perhaps he deserves credit for hiring a great ghost. Ns wonder if bill Finger was associated with the show?

“But that is true that DC was going to cancel Batman comics, till the transaction for the 1966 alphabet TV series came to be.”

From what I’ve read, this to be what DC called Kane in order to assert an ext control over the comic, hence initiating Batman’s “New Look” period under Julius Schwartz, which pre-dated the TV show. Whether DC would have actually really cancelled the book is another question.