AskRI – Your resource for languages, ancestry, encyclopedias, and also more. Dozens that databases available with her library card.

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Get the Libby or OverDrive AppUse your library barcode to access the collection of OverDrive eBooks, audiobooks, and even some movies.

IOS, Android, and also Windows 10 users can additionally use the OverDrive Libby app, a much more user-friendly variation of the Overdrive app. The collection and also borrowing rules are the same.


Hoopla soon borrow eBooks, audiobooks, comics, movies, music, and more, 24/7 v your library card.


Kanopy (NEW!) is a video streaming organization that offers instant accessibility to countless critically acclaimed movies, documentaries and Kids favorites. Kanopy partners v studios like A24, The criterion Collection, PBS and an ext to bring you accessibility to kind entertainment. You deserve to stream Kanopy on any of your favorite devices! Kanopy is easily accessible via cell phone and tablet apps for iPhone and Android. You deserve to also accessibility Kanopy on your desktop and your SmartTV.


Flipster (NEW!)If you’re missing our newspaper room, us think you will reap a new service readily available by Flipster is a digital arsenal of well-known magazine titles. Use your library map to accessibility current concerns of titles like nationwide Geographic, Reader’s Digest, Bon Appetit and also Prevention.


Udemy (NEW!)This new offering native, Rhode Island’s collection of statewide virtual resources and databases, is a repertoire of end 4,000 repeatedly updated video courses on topics indigenous photography come reiki to public speak to Microsoft Excel. You will require your library card number and also a Google or Microsoft account to log in in.


Explore and stay notified on state topics, people and events in locations such as business, health, education, jobs and also careers, political and also social issues and more. Attributes a wide variety of credible, vetted news sources spanning Rhode Island, including the Providence Journal and Westerly Sun. Easily accessible remotely 24/7 on any device.

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The state’s official marketplace for health insurance coverage and resource for acquiring tax credits to lower the expense of your health and wellness insurance: link.

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