I am currently running into a max level wall with Emo (I have around 250k idols). I have actually epics because that a the majority of my crusaders and was wonder what I need to be aiming for so the I can push to 900.

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On a different note, after reading through some other articles I feel prefer I don't understand some the the intricacies that formation structure (what go a speed/tank/dps formation look like and also when execute i usage them). Any type of explanation/tips would be awesome


Your very first question has currently been answered, in general when asking which crusaders are best for XYZ it's necessary to state i beg your pardon crusaders you actually have, past the 20 standard ones, otherwise civilization will i think you have actually all over there are.

So for your 2nd question. This only really starts to matter when you have some event crusaders. Together you certain have already noticed, even if you have actually so much damages that any kind of spawned opponent instantly dies, you deserve to only development through locations with a particular speed the is restricted by foe spawn times, how plenty of area quest items friend need, the time to choose them up, the change animation. Raising your damages further will not cut down ~ above those times whatsoever. Now, there are some (event) crusaders v special development abilities the do impact those times, for instance by raising foe spawn speed, or providing you a opportunity for twin quest article drops, things choose that.

A speed formation is a development that tries come maximize those effects, i.e. Minimizes the average time required per area while damage is no yet a concern. You have the right to only construct one if girlfriend have any kind of of those crusaders with speed-affecting ability (we contact them 'speedsters' in ar jargon).

DPS formations meanwhile are what girlfriend are most likely doing appropriate now, maximizing damage, i.e. Maximizing the area as much as which you have the right to beat the enemies until you need to reset.

Tank formations are an obsolete concept. These were optimizing survivability v health, damages reduction, healing and also crowd manage effects to have the ability to withstand the highest area enemies possible, totally neglecting their own damage, and also then making use of Firestorm because that % adversary max health based damages which was uncapped back then. This method they could slowly progress indefinitely regardless of how tiny damage they had. This was fixed not as well long back when Firestorm was adjusted to deal at most something prefer 10,000x your DPS in damage, thus pure Tank formations are now obsolete.

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But keep in mind tanks/healing might still it is in a viable addition to a DPS development if they have buffs like "increase DPS of every crusaders for each monster attack XYZ" (the tank). Anything the raises her reachable area goes into your DPS formation.