Our Fortnite where To dance locations overview will help you discover where all 3 cryptic run spots are located about Fortnite’s map.

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Fortnite’s fight Pass challenges have to be updated, and also one that this week"s missions is to uncover your way around the map and dance in three oddly particular locations.

If you’ve not signed in to the latest variation of Fortnite, these room your goals for this certain challenge:

Dance in former of a bat statueDance in a means above-ground poolDance ~ above a seat because that giants

Some funny-sounding locations there. We were thrown turn off slightly by the wording that a ‘way above-ground pool’, but never fear, it’s all far easier than you’d think.

Fortnite football player have currently deciphered this particular an obstacle however, and we’ve got you extended for every the details you need.

We’ve additionally thrown in a video guide by video game Clips and Tips below, so provide that a watch and also a prefer if it helps!

Dance in prior of a bat statue

Head up north towards Haunted Hills. In the Haunted Hills compound, friend should be able to head right into the north-western fenced-off section, where you’ll find a delightful, shiny chest and the bat statue you’re after. Every that’s left now is to bust a move.

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Dance in a method above-ground pool

In the most bizarrely-worded dance ar yet, this one is referring to the empty swimming pool on Kevin the Cube’s Floating Island. This island moves around the battlefield, however it’s pretty clear to view on her map. Have a look around and you won’t have the ability to miss the big empty pool.


Dance on a seat because that giants

It’s basically just a large chair. Look because that the cluster of structures at the point between Polar Peak, Shifty Shafts and also Happy Hamlet. The gigantic seat overlooks a Taco restaurant. It’s enormous. Whack the end your dance move on peak of this chair, and also the final difficulty will be complete!