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Tonight on lifetime after a Dance Mom returns with one all-new Tuesday, October 18, 2016, episode and also we have actually your dance Moms recap below. ~ above tonight’s dance Moms Season 6 illustration 28 “JoJo Is a No Show,” JoJo and Kendall space assigned a difficult ballet duet.

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Did you miss out on the last episode of run Moms where Abby Lee müller punished the minis because that their bad performance and also gave the very first solos of the season come the elites? We have actually a full and detailed Dance Moms recap of the critical episode, right below for you!

On tonight’s dance Moms Season 6 illustration 28 as per the lifetime synopsis, “Abby choreographs one emotional regime to raise awareness for teen self-destruction after tragedy strikes Kira and Kalani’s hometown. Later, the minis shot to do a comeback v a team number; and JoJo and Kendall are assigned a daunting ballet duet.“

Tonight’s episode will surely it is in filled through the usual Dance Moms drama. So make certain to bookmark this spot and come back for our run Moms recap native 9PM – 10:00PM ET! While friend wait because that our recap make certain to head over and also check every our Dance Moms recaps, news, spoilers & more!

Tonight’s episode starts now – refreshing Page often to obtain the most present updates!

On this week’s illustration of run Moms Kira talks around having to go home since one of Kelani’s friends cursed suicide. Abby speak the minis “There is no sense in you comes to pyramid because you did not complete last week. Instead, you are going to occupational with kris again top top a routine.” kris tells them “This main I desire you come become little women.”

Abby then turns to the juniors. She tells them “There is good news and bad news. The great news is you won your team dance. The poor news is we had three solo shots and none the you won so don’t count on any much more solos.” Next, up Abby does the pyramid. ~ the pyramid is unveiled Abby announces the there will be 2 duets. The first one goes to Brynn and also Nia. It is licensed has been granted “War and also Peace.” The girls room super excited about this. The following duet is assigned come Jojo and also Kendall. Your duet is a modern ballet routine. Jessalynn is no happy. She says “We never ever do ballet.” Abby then announces the the team routine will be based upon the news the Kira and also Kelani’s friend’s suicide and also will be called “Suicide Hotline.” Abby claims “I want to do a program that will make a distinction in someone’s life.” Kira is a little upset and also she asks Abby “Are you in a place to carry out a program of this magnitude?” Abby tells she “I desire to lug in who from the suicide hotline to aid out.”

The moms are sitting about talking around the routine. Jill says “I think this is a good idea. I think we are being naive if us don’t talk about this with our kids and also let them understand that assist is the end there.” Jessalynn agrees and says “It is an excellent that Abby appears so invest in this routine and I think it will certainly really do a difference to these youngsters to recognize that aid is the end there.”

Abby is working with the girls to perfect the routine. She says “The suggest of this regimen is to let adolescents know that aid is the end there. If this dance provides a difference and gets one son to pick up the phone and call the self-destruction hotline then i am happy. Let’s save lives.”

Abby brings in Daniel to aid Jojo and also Kendall through their ballet duo. Jill and Jessalynn space not happy. Kendal is worried about Jojo’s attitude toward the routine. Jessalynn is worried about how Jojo is going come look top top stage because she go not have ballet training. She claims “This is bad. This is yes, really bad. If Jojo’s just opportunity to win is on technique then she is screwed.” after ~ practice, Jojo runs to Jessalyn and also cries come her. She tells her mother “I don’t desire to do the duo. I am not an excellent at ballet.” Jessalynn tells her “If you don’t desire to perform it then you don’t need to do it. We’re no doing it.” kendal is frustrated. She says “I have actually the worst luck v duets.”

Meanwhile, Abby move on to work with the minis. She is no happy v their development in their team number. She claims “I still see 5 individual dancers top top the floor instead of one entirety group. The name of the number is unstoppable, however this is merely unacceptable.”

Jojo decides no to come to practice the following day. As soon as Jill tries to speak to her the contact goes directly to voicemail. Abby is very upset. She turns and also says “You nothing quit as soon as things acquire tough. Parents, don’t you agree?” Jill speaks up and says “I nothing agree through her, but I carry out understand due to the fact that Jess is trying to build Jojo’s brand and she feels prefer this is detrimental to her brand.” Abby decides come insert Kelani right into Jojo’s location in the duet through Kendall.

The moms room talking around Jessalynn and Jojo’s defection from the group. One of the mom’s claims “If the were you. Me or even Ashlee Jess would have been everywhere me. Ns think Jess is a bully which is ironic because Jojo’s communication is anti-bullying.” Jill is rapid to speak up and says “I don’t think Jess is a bully.” The others simply look at she in astonishment. Kira states “When she said me the my boy wasn’t marketable I wanted to punch her in the face.” Ashlee states “Jess doesn’t want her daughter to be a good dancer. She wants to build a brand. She wants her to have actually her very own reality TV show and be prefer the Kardashians.” Kira laughs and also says “Newsflash she has a long means to go prior to she is in the league.”

The minis space still working on their team routine. If they space rehearsing the elite moms come go in. Jackie asks them “Are you males still minus one mom?” Jill claims “She can still show up.” Abby is rehearsing through the elites and they are struggling with the suicide Hotline routine. Abby has actually invited 2 volunteers native the teen Line hotline to speak to the teens and also the moms around the actuality the suicide. The girls room shocked come hear Ginger’s story that her battles with depression and thoughts the suicide. The moms and also girls asking questions and also they are really moved by the info that castle receive.

On the job of the compete both the elites and also the minis are gaining ready come compete. The upstream moms space still upset the Jess and also Jojo split on the team. Abby says “How many times walk she say carry out your job and fuss and also fume at me? now her kid can’t handle a tiny ballet?” Kelani and also Kendall have actually a short tiny run v of their routine. Abby offers them some slight corrections.

Nia and Brynn are frustrated. Ashlee states “This is not fair. Finding out the elevator on a trampoline once they room brand new is hard.” Abby tells her “Life’s not fair and also we’re out of time.” everyone heads out to the stage. Very first up to carry out are Kelani and Kendall. Their dance is really impressive and Abby is happy. Following up are Nia and Brynn. Abby watch a bit came to throughout the dance, but the girls pull it off beautifully. Abby speak them “It was so nice to view you two execute such a beautiful dance. You pulled it off and the lifts to be beautiful.”

Meanwhile the Minis space backstage preparing because that their group dance. The moms contact Chris come encourage them. He speak them “I desire you come be warriors on phase the means you to be warriors in my rehearsal studio.” back in the elite dressing room the girls are preparing for their group number. Kelani speak them “A girl came up to me and told me the I inspire her.” Abby speak the minis “Your team number is invincible, yet are you?” She additionally goes and talks to the elites and tells lock “Your regime is self-destruction Hotline. Girlfriend either do this program or break this routine.” Kelani states “I expect we deserve to touch at the very least one kid and let them understand that there is someone out there who is listening due to the fact that the human being can’t lose another dancer.”

Sari claims “This is the girls first week ago after gift benched and they have to win to prove to Abby that they must be to dance every week.” Abby does not seem to it is in impressed through the minis routine at all. Up next are the elite to do their suicide Hotline routine. Abby and the moms are an extremely impressed through the girl routine.

It is time for the winners to be announced now. War and also Peace takes third place. Push and also Pull takes first place in the teenager Duet competition. In the Mini competition, Invincible took first place, yet Abby is still no happy. She says “I no want five solo dancers and that’s what ns got.” In the Teen team category, suicide Hotline took an initial place which made everyone happy.

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Backstage Abby tells the minis “This mainly was an alleged to be your huge comeback week wherein you were an alleged to blow everyone away and also you didn’t.” Ashlee claims “Well this was among our best group dances ever. Was it ideal up there through your various other iconic dances?” Abby nods. Ashlee states “Jojo is sit by the pool.” Abby claims “This is a lesson girls. Quitters never ever win.”..