Hi. Ns am structure a gaming and streaming pc. I will certainly be playing and streaming ~ above the same computer at the exact same time while also capturing video clip for youtube videos. I setup to have actually an i9 9900k v an evga 2080 ti black edition gpu v 32gb the 3200 lamb of 2x16gb. My gaming and streaming sessions will most likely be 12+ hours every day. I desire air flow and also temperature manage to be a priority in the pc. The situation will be the cooler master h500 i beg your pardon is a larger mid tower. Ns was pretty set on the noctua nh-d15 yet recently it has been encourage by a few people to execute a dark rock pro 4 instead. I will most likely be utilizing a gigabyte aorus elite board. The gpu will most likely run pretty hot as the only has actually 2 pan on it.


Does anyone have experience through the nh-d15 or dark rock pro 4? execute both execute the same or is one better? Which would certainly be more quiet? would an aio it is in a much better fit or will one of these 2 air coolers perform as well? Thanks!

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Both should provide you pretty comparable temps. The Noctua will probably be quiter because of the Noctua fans, though I have actually no experience with beQuiet! pan to understand if this is true.


I have actually the NH-D15 on mine Ryzen 5 2600x, and also with a practice fan curve the pan run below 1000rpm if the CPU stays below 50C under fill (spikes right into mid 50s, through max in CPU extensive task approximately low 60s). 


If you"re going v the Cooler master H500, make sure to gain the H500p. The "p" model has a mesh former panel because that vastly enhanced airflow, Gamer"s Nexus walk a video on it. 

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