(Price includes shipping). From The Beatles come Emmylou Harris, Bonnie Raitt to The Blues Brothers, indelible songs and also stories, GRAMMY wins and also beyond, Delbert McClinton’s life have the right to be regarded as a soundtrack come pivotal moment in American music history. Delbert’s legend career is commemorated in the very first biography the the iconic musician with ‘Delbert McClinton: among the Fortunate Few,’ composed by Diana Finlay Hendricks, and also available December 6 through Texas A&M college Press. Rolling rock Country ran the very first interview v Delbert and also Diana about the book – read the feature here: http://rol.st/2m09CPE ​

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A rough and tumble story of tough work, ‘One that the Fortunate Few’ is a thrilling profile of a legend statesman of the Blues,Country,Americana, the Texas music scene and beyond.Delbert’s obsession v border radio, Elvis Presley and huge Joe Turner infused music in his blood at an early age.His career take it off through a featured harmonica performance on Bruce Channel’s U.S./U.K. Smash hit “Hey Baby.”But that still expected Delbert would invest years grind it the end on the road and in ramshackle clubs top bands like The Straitjackets and also The Rondels, who would earlier or re-publishing the phase with everyone from Jimmy Reed and also Bo Diddley to chuck Berry and B.B. King.Delbert would go top top to create songs recorded by Albert Lee, The Blues Brothers, Bonnie Raitt, girlfriend Guy, Emmylou Harris (whose versionof “Two an ext Bottles that Wine” to be a #1 hit), Etta James, Eric Burdon, Vince Gill, Waylon Jennings – a true cross-section that blues, soul, country and Americana that couple of other songwriters can claim.He won his an initial GRAMMY because that his duet v Bonnie Raitt, from she album ‘Luck that the Draw’ (1992).He go on to win Best contemporary Blues Album GRAMMY Awards for‘Nothing Personal’ (2002) and ‘The expense of Living’ (2006), and was nominated for ‘Live from Austin’ (1989).Delbert’s career has been punctuated by part fascinating first-hand experiences in modern-day American history. As soon as Delbert McClinton toured England v Bruce Channel to assistance “Hey Baby” in 1962, the little-known Beatles were their opening act.

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He verified John Lennon a couple of tricks ~ above the harmonica backstage after the shows.His sound motivated The Blues Brothers, and also Delbert appearedon SaturdayNight Live twice in the show’s early on heyday.He to be a significant figure in Austin’s appearance as a music epicenter in the mid-70s.He even developed planes for the air Force throughout Vietnam, and also saw JFK’s motorcade in ft Worth ~ above the day the president to be assassinated (and was later questioned by the FBI because he had performed in clubs owned by Jack Ruby).His path was no without bump in the road: booze and also drugs, poor deals and divorce, trouble through the IRS. This fast-paced book traces that all: the peaks and also valleys, indelible songs, years spent top top the road, the prestige of family, and more.Author Diana Finlay Hendricks interviewed Delbert generally for the book, and also had access to his journals and also other personal archives.She likewise interviewed Bonnie Raitt, Joe Ely, Peter Guralnick, Joe Nick Patoski, T Bone Burnett, and also more.Delbert’s longtime friend and also fan, Don Imus, composed the foreword because that this compelling book.