The City and also County that Denver celebrates community programs and also social reasons that align with the City’s worths by lighting the City and County structure (CCB). This is a special method that the City have the right to visually show its support and promote awareness the various campaigns that affect Denver"s diverse community.

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If your non-profit organization is interested in lighting the CCB a particular color in respect of a ar program or to encourage awareness of an essential social issue, please review the bright criteria, policies and calendar below. If her organization and request fulfill the criteria and also your preferred days are available, send an application at the very least 60 days before your lighting request date.

After submitting your application, we will follow-up v updates on your request by email.



1. Applications should be got a minimum of60 days in advanceof the requested lighting date.

2. Applicantsmust represent among the following:

A Denver-based nonprofit company with with 501 (C)(3) status and its primary office address located in ~ the City and County the Denver; or A501(C)(3) organization with a Denver-based chapter the is registered v the Colorado Secretary of State.

3. Inquiry must fall within among the adhering to categories:

especially events/occurrences of city, state, national or global significance Non-profit awareness initiatives Non-profit organization landmarks or far-reaching anniversaries (in 25-year increments) City and County of Denver initiatives

4. Requests should align v City and County of Denver values and will no be taken into consideration for teams that discriminate against age, disability, race,color, religion, national origin, armed forces status, gender, gender variance or marital status.

5. Inquiry for advertising purposes or advertising promotions will not it is in considered.

6. Requests will be reviewed and also approved ~ above a first-come, first-served basis.


No much more than three different lightings will certainly take place each month The CCB will certainly not it is in lit for much more than 15 days total each month Lightings days must coincide v the activities or programming pertained to awareness to plan Lightings have the right to be requested for one day or multiple consecutive days; maximum of 7 consecutive job Lights will be shown at sundown v 10:45 pm on the requested date(s) authorized lightings may be re-scheduled as result of priority request of the City and County the Denver A single organization is eligible to irradiate the CCB for onlythree continuous years. Future bright requests will be embraced once one off-year has actually occurred. Open enrollment will occur at the start of annually (on January 1), other than for: Applicants requesting to irradiate the city and county structure in the month the February deserve to submit their nomination form beginning December 1. Applicants that submit your applications before the open enrollment period will be asked come resubmit onJanuary 1or after. The request will just be thought about once resubmitted.

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City and County building Lighting request Form

Complete the kind below to submit her lighting request.