If friend are in search of a details Lost sector in Destiny 2 then our Destiny 2 lost Sector locations & Maps guide can help! This is every the means up-to-date through the present Forsaken expansion, and also will it is in updated whenever a new Lost ar is added to the game. Our maps give you a quick and also visual means to locate any type of Sector you might need.

Lost Sectors if being significant on the map with an icon are no labeled. This have the right to be frustrating once you space trying to finish a task that needs you to go to a certain Sector.

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I"ve marked out each of the shed Sectors listed below the map, carry out a CTRL+F and form in the certain one you space looking for and it should carry you right to it!

Dreaming City lost Sector Locations


Bay of drowned Wishes - West next of the map, right beside the Divalian fog Landing Zone. Chamber that Starlight - Southern portion of Rheasilvia. Aphelion"s Rest - south eastern area the The Strand.

Tangled Shore lost Sector Locations


Wolfship Turbine -Northern portion of Sorik"s Cut. Shipyard AWO-43 - Middle part of Jetsam of Saturn. Kingship Dock - Northern part of Thieves" Landing. The north Tank - Western part of Thieves" Landing. Trapper"s Cave - middle of Four-Horn Gulch.

EDZ shed Sector Locations


The Quarry - Eastern part of Sunken Isles. Skydock IV - middle of Sunken Isles. The Pit - phibìc West part of Firebase Hades. Excavation site XII - eastern Firebase Hades. Pathfinder"s Crash - southern eastern part of Firebase Hades. The Weep - Southern part of Winding covering right beside landing site. Flooded Chasm - Southern component of The Gulch. Whispered Falls - north western part of Outskirts. The Drain - center of the Outskirts. Scavenger"s Den - north eastern section of Outskirts. Hallowed Grove - phibìc western part of The Sludge. Cavern the Souls - middle of The Sludge. Shaft 13 - Eastern part of The Sludge. Terminus East - north eastern part of Trostland. Widow"s Walk - north western component of Trostland. Atrium - center of Trostland.

Nessus lost Sector Locations


Ancient"s Haunt - phibìc western portion of The Tangle. The Conflux - phibìc western part of The Cistern. The Orrery - northern area in Artifact"s Edge. The Rift - West component of Exodus Black. The Carrion Pit - center of Glade the Echoes.

Titan shed Sector Locations


Methane Flush - north western component of Siren"s Watch. Cargo only 3 - Northern component of The Rig. DS Quarters-2 - middle of The Rig.

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Mercury shed Sector Locations


Pariah"s Refuge - south eastern part of the map.

Mars lost Sector Locations


Core Terminus - phibìc west-ish in Braytech Futurescape. Ma"adim Subterrane - south east component of the map situated in the Glacial Drift.

Io lost Sector Locations


Grove that Ulan-Tan - North part of the map in the shed Oasis. Sanctum the Bones - Northern part of The Rupture near the landing zone. Aphix Conduit - south eastern next of the Rupture.