I newly opened my dusty box of old games and was excited to discover my original CD secrets for Diablo II and also Diablo II lord of Destruction. A beneficial person top top this site discussed that I can enter my secrets on battle.net and download a modern-day version that the game compatible with my OS. I did that, however now once the installer asks me for my CD key it mentions a 26 personality key, and also the vital on my CD case is not practically that long. I"m looking at the case and it"s plainly a 16 number sequence. Perform I pad that with zeros, or is there elsewhere I can find the an essential I need?

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You have the right to log in to battle net and also go to


(eu or united state shouldn"t matter)

Click top top Diablo II, you"ll be taken to the web page with the key(screenshot is in Italian, yet that shouldn"t it is in a problem):



The crucial you want have the right to be uncovered under the details because that that video game in her account info on the battle.net website.

battle.net -> log in in -> ACCOUNT (at the top) -> Diablo II

The GAME an essential will be clearly shows on this page, and also links come download the game.


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