What’s a indigenous Midge doesn’t regularly associate v herself? Failure. One she it s okay a substantial heaping the this episode.

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Director(s)Amy Sherman-Palladino
Writer(s)Daniel Palladino
Characters Introduced
Mary PetruscaErin Darke
VivianLilli Stein
Mrs. O’TooleJoanna Glushak
HarrietWakeema Hollis
JackieBrian Tarantina
Herb SmithWallace Shawn

The brand-new Job: Midge, Mary, Vivian, Harriet, Rose, Abe


To the dismay of Rose, Midge gets a job. That isn’t the one she originally wanted, that is being an elevator operator, but a assembly girl. Miscellaneous she take away to rather quickly and between Mary, Vivian, and also Harriet, she is a hit. Now, as for what is her long-term purposes with this job? who knows? Abe seemed fine with it, till he observed her functioning there. Though through her having her very own money, meaning less the end of his pocket, perhaps he’ll lay off a bit? Though, that knows, through him understanding Midge rubbish Joel, castle may end up in a fight the leads come him just kicking her out. If not increased doing so.

Either way, these girls end up ending up being a savior to Midge after that in the episode.

Bombing Run: Midge, Susie


As listed in the critical episode, with Midge commonly hitting the stage once mad about something, if not drunk or high, her doing wake up sober could have been an issue. Well, discard that could for the is an issue. Midge, after gift quite good at just gaining on stage and talking about stuff, she bombs. She bombs hard. In fact, she bombs twice. The first time wasn’t for this reason bad. She obtained a couple of chuckles however then the hecklers eliminated her confidence a bit.

However, the 2nd time? BOMB! You understand why? She had actually someone else write her jokes – Herb Smith. Who who has written the exact same joke for every fool who would salary him and when Midge offers his jokes, without looking end them prior to hitting the stage, she bombs badly. To the point, Midge quits. I’m talking walking off the stage, having actually a vulgar back and forth v Susie, and seemingly tapping out.

Which of course, regardless of her difficult exterior, bums Susie out for she was yes, really investing a lot into Midge. Much less, also with her talking around keeping their connection professional, she seemed to like the idea of having a friend. Perhaps causing why she made sure Midge interpreted that break them up together a duo intended no friendship either. A possible threat she was more than likely hoping to cause a various reaction.

The Comeback Kid: Midge, Mary, Vivian, Harriet

After bombing and also saying she is going come quit comedy, she gets sucked right back in in ~ a party mary is having. One she is invite to in order to choose her soul up a bit. Which the does. Together the males circle around something, the ladies circle around Midge together she tells jokes. Most likely meaning, once again, she is walk to it is in crawling earlier to Susie who, ns believe, definitely will take some convincing come get ago in the great graces of. For if there could be one thing Susie can’t stand, besides butt holes of course, is people who can’t deliver.

Other remarkable Facts & Moments

Penny meets Joel’s parents and neither one likes her. In fact, Moishe provides her sound like the type who doesn’t deserve to be an ext than a mistress.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

Whatever occurred to the morality police? Lenny Bruce offering them enough work that Midge is no much longer on their radar?

On The Fence

The ago and Forth


With Midge just coming to be acquainted v failure v her marriage, and now bombing, you need to wonder just how much will she go earlier and forth once it concerns comedy? In my mind, ns can completely picture her conference a man who wants to marry her, however makes her choose in between comedy and also marriage. Also, while stage fright hasn’t to be an issue, over there comes the question of what will occur when she gets bigger in later episodes, or seasons?

And I carry all this up for the pacing of the display really pushes you to wonder how easily will Midge obtain big. Just her gaining a job so conveniently seemed a little bit of a surprise. ~ all, choose her dad said, she doesn’t really have actually experience or anything. Yes, she is cute, and also her being a assembly girl is pretty lot the ideal an initial job, yet a part of me just really hopes they don’t make her comedy career the only struggle here. Midge needs more than that and honestly, I just feel she is approaching that minute when she demands a real breakdown. One venting ~ above a phase can’t fix.

For even with she bombing, she bombs one night and is right back to cracked jokes with an audience in the next. Albeit, it’s the girls from work and I recognize her bouncing ago shows not just that she loves doing comedy but additionally is what some may think about a needed win. However, there simply really is this vibe that Midge hasn’t also skid absent bottom and it pushes the idea if good comedians have to have destructive lives? I’m talking laughing to store from crying kind of lives, in order to validate their jokes.

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Think the it choose a rapper having actually a normal upbringing, walk that average their rhymes don’t have edge? that is what I’m gaining at here. For occasionally with Midge’s jokes, like when she to be bombing, that is exactly how I feel. This rich, or at the very least privileged, woman complaining around her life to human being who are working class. It doesn’t click that well friend know. Room we supposed to laugh at the vulgarity that the upper class? That’s the gimmick? and also I obtain this is a woman in the 50s and to a particular degree who, as Midge’s actress notes in a Metro article , was inspired by Joan Rivers. It is just, over there is this have to see she knocked on she behind and also stay there for a small while.