Group: Chapter 2 - Escape indigenous Reaper"s Eye

Starting Map: Fort Joy

This quest deserve to be started in number of ways, depending upon how you try to enter the maze and also whether you already have Band the Braccus. Inspect the description of the The Vault that Braccus Rex pursuit to discover out how to get the ring.

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1. Begin #1: Maze

Try to open up Iron Door.

A gargoyle at the entrance to the maze told us that the locked doors within have to be opened with souls. It intimated that we might find part inside the maze. We have to think carefully around which doors we open with this souls.

2. Begin #2: Maze Teleported

Try to open Iron Door. If you"ve been to the Dark Cavern, you"ve beaten genuine Trompdoy (lvl 5) and got Band of Braccus, present it to the gargoyle.

*Show the gargoyle the ring that the resource King.*

You will certainly be teleported come the base of the tower.

We confirmed the Necromancer Ring to the Gargoyle in ~ the entrance of the maze. It thought we were Braccus Rex, and also we to be teleported to the tower.

When you shot to go into the tower, this quest will be completed yet no rewards!

3. Begin #3: Maze native Alternative

You deserve to teleport your characters to the various other side that the beach close to the entrance to the Dark Cavern and use the Vines to rise to the maze native behind.

A gargoyle told united state that we entered the garden maze topsy-turvy. The told united state that the locked doors within need to be opened with souls. It intimated the we could find part inside the maze. We should think carefully about which doors we open up with these souls.

Teleport here


4. Begin #4: Maze indigenous End

You can teleport your personalities to the other side the the beach close to the enntrance gate to the Dark Cavern, usage the Vines to climb to the east side of the tower, go around and also enter the tower.

The gargoyle ~ above the Necromancer Tower told us that we gotten in his maze incorrectly. If we want any help in making that through, we should seek the correct entrance.


5. Gone into Maze

We gotten in the maze and the gargoyle revealed to united state that the skulls space old and also rare.

6. Two tricks Used

Find two Crumbling Skulls and also use lock to open up locked gateways in the maze.

We"ve already broken two of those old skulls, perishing the souls within. The maze should not suppose us come explore every one of its rooms.

7. Maze Encouragement

Enter the maze"s "section" v The chronicler (lvl 6) and come closer to the gargoyle"s head situated there.

A gargoyle in the maze congratulated us on our progress. Perhaps we space going the not correct way?

10. Search Rewards #1

When gotten in through the front gate.

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