Playing multiplayer with a friend and also they just gained 10 summoning(via items no via organic points not sure if this has any type of impact) and also the incarnate became the incarnate champion. The incarnate champion is doing alongside no damage. We room using the great Unleashed mod and the gift bag features(minus combat randomizer). No other mods besides those. Listed below is a screenshot mirroring the Incarnate through 10 clues in summoning. That didn"t resolve when we tried transforming off the DU mod. Any ideas?

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If lock unequip the item(s) with the Summoning bonus, what damages is provided for the pre-champion incarnate?Does the actual damages done drop, together well?Does it issue what surface ar the incarnate is summoned on?Does it make a difference if the host loads the conserve in solitary player to test?I had actually no difficulties when testing this in a brand-new game (though single player), with or there is no Divinity Unleashed enabled. It may be as result of a problem with the save or install, or it is in dependent ~ above the character build, etc.
Hi, I"m having the exact same problem. Upon reaching lv 10 summoning with +2 from gears mine incarnate champion, no matter what element, does 10 physical damage on your infusion an abilities only.When going ago to 9 summoning, their damage is 50-60 with element. with a conserve where this can be reproduced (or a Dropbox or Google journey link, etc). If you room using any mods, additionally include a list of those enabled and/or the modsettings.lsx paper from your profile folder.Each save is a folder in the " StudiosDivinity initial Sin 2 definitive EditionPlayerProfiles\SavegamesStory" folder.In Windows explorer you have the right to zip a document or folder through right clicking it/them and also selecting "Send to | Compressed (zipped) Folder" (and likewise in OSX/Finder).

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