Region: CysealMap Location: x=55,y=48 (Starting area to enter the Babsence Cove)Quest Name: Into the DarkRecommended Level: 7+This search will certainly immediately begin as shortly as you enter Black Cove. There is no way to miss or fail this search various other than dying (which obviously is true for the whole game). Defeating the boss of this search will certainly unlock the trophy.

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Tip 1

Get in the Cave to discover the Babsence Cove.Walk forward until you enrespond to a static cloud on the ground.Throw (move) among the barrels on to the Trap that is in the middle of that cloud to shut it down.Cross the area and also you will then witness a battle currently ensuing.Run approximately "join" the fight yet stay as much amethod as possible and also let them duke it out; you will certainly gain cost-free endure as they fight each other.After the fight is over, cross the trapped path on the left. I recommend using the Teleporter Pyramids to pass via.Very shortly after you will certainly enrespond to the Source Abomination.

Tip 2

Fighting this adversary right up can be extremely difficult, but tright here is a fairly slick means of quickly defeating him if you have Teleportation (spell or scroll).Near wbelow the enemy is situated, and also prior to the fight begins, sneak up the ramp that is nearby and open up the door at the top.Inside of this room there is a trap.Align your personalities so that when you start the fight among them will certainly usage Teleportation and the other will slam the door shut.Shut the door.The adversary should set off the trap. If done appropriately the trap will certainly one-shot every little thing in the room.When I did this the enemy literally did nothing on many turns while the door to the room was closed.With eextremely round he was burned and then I offered Boulder Bash with my mage to drop that on his head repeatedly. So inevitably I would have beat it this way.At round 8 it finally relocated roughly and also blew itself up.

Step 3

Head inside of the room that it was protecting and also pull the level to your right. This will certainly disclose a switch behind a paint.Press the switch to uncover a hatch next to the locked door that you must enter to proceed.This area contains some level 6-7 crab, undead, and also exploder enemies. Contrasted to your upcoming boss battle these fights are trivial.Eventually you will obtain to a room via about 15 switches and also a gigantic rock skull blocking your development. This is the location to earn Don't push it.If you desire to recognize what every one of the switches perform then check out Don't push it for that indevelopment.Move to x=473,y=143 and also press the Blood-Stained Switch to proceed to the boss fight.

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Tip 4Upon the defeat of Pontius Piprice the trophy will certainly immediately unlock. You execute not have to complete the fight nor finish the quest prior to it unlocks. Notes:

The fight consists of 5-6 undead plus Pontius Piprice.Tbelow are no summons.Pontius can reason Fear and also have the right to throw Oil or Ooze barrels straight on optimal of your characters (in Tactician or Honour Mode).On his ship is a Death Weapon that will certainly cause prompt devastation of a random character; it can be you or your adversaries. You could abuse the conserve device by conserving prior to making use of it, seeing who it randomly takes out and also if it was you then reload your save and also try aget.Personally I put up 4 oil barrels close to the doormethod entrance to his location and then pulled every one of them in the direction of the switch area. Once Pontius was much enough amethod from his area he quit throwing those barrels. Blowing up the barrels took 4 of the lesser opponents to near fatality in one shot. I concentrated on disabling or beating Pontius as rapid as feasible.