Divinity original Sin 2 features a grasp of personality classes however having a Tank is insanely valuable. Here"s just how to build one the the ideal possible.

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Featured - Divinity original Sin 2 Tank Guide
pan of tactical RPGs evaluate Divinity: original Sin 2 for its remarkable depth in personality customization. After ~ all, through learnable Skills, players deserve to tailor your party's skillset come accommodate any an obstacle they face. Point is, RPG fans could resort come the basics - why clear up for all-rounders once roles exist to maximize character strengths? and what far better role come prioritize very first than the straightforward Tank, right?

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Interestingly, personalities easily end up being frontline fighters thanks to the Larian Studios RPG's straightforward an abilities system. However, details tweaks can assist melee warriors come to be behemoths in both defense and also damage mitigation. How deserve to Tanks attain this sort of mastery?

Updated top top October 3, 2021, by Rhenn Taguiam: Divinity: initial Sin 2 raises the bar in tactical RPGs many thanks to its heavily interactive environment and also freeform take it on character progression. Since the game allows players to move up builds for characters at any kind of time, a newcomer can feel overwhelmed v the number of available choices in the game.

come those plan on creating Tanks, players must remember that their frontline defenders have to look past the scope of being a meat shield for efficient tanking in Original Sin 2. However, just how should players construct effective tanks for the Larian Studios title?

15 Consider ending up being A Mini-Spellcaster

A Tank attacking with a spell
offered the combat role of the tank, it makes sense for players to profession off heavy-hitting AOE an abilities and work out for much more melee-oriented strategies. Many thanks to the Warfare skill School, tanks can optimize their visibility in short-range with deadly strikes or mobility attacks.

However, players can further optimize your tanks by giving them a little bit of a Spellcasting edge. Because that instance, Geomancer can help tanks become much more protective and also generate oil to an increase the damage of other Pyrokinetics in the party. Likewise, the Pyrokinetic Skill institution can assist tanks dish out explosive bursts in mid-range.

14 Optimize Skill choices To Maximize AP

A Tank overlooking a vantage point
similar to most characters, tanks don’t have much accessibility to AP in any kind of combat situation. Either they make use of measly 4AP every turn or withhold using them to carry over. As such, tanks shouldn’t necessarily waste their APs dishing out cooldown-heavy an abilities when they have the right to optimize their skill layout. Because that instance, a tank might opt away from fight Stomp (2AP, 4CD) once they have the right to access skills like Bouncing Shield (2AP, 2CD) and Blitz attack (2AP, 3CD) faster.

while the Glass Cannon Talent does give maximum AP to a personality every turn, that caveat entails removing condition resistances from physics Armour and also Magical Armour. Considering the defensive role of the tank, the unnecessarily vulnerability for maximum AP consumption is unideal.

13 spend As tiny Movement as Possible

A Tank in ~ the bottom the the display facing an enemy in an open area
due to the fact that tanks don’t constantly have the greatest AP in the group, it’s always expected because that them to relocate a little slower in combat. If tanks do have actually the capacity to record up in these situations, castle can expense as lot as 1AP per few meters. Through the not correct positioning, a tank won’t be able to defend their teammates.

To avoid this caveat, tanks have to be in a position to invest as little AP together possible. In order to make this work, it can help tanks to scout a possible combat area and also use mobility an abilities such together Phoenix Dive (Warfare) to head straight to the battlefield. That way, they have the right to reach opponents much faster.

12 end up being Proactive come Party Threats

A Tank and their team members in a tight corridor
While the can assist for tanks to head to combat right away, it does help to position themselves in such a method that they have the right to reach dangers and aid allies in ~ the same time. Ideally, such a position way heading deep sufficient into the battlefield however still close enough to an entrance or exit.

v this in mind, tanks can now assess which threats they must pay attention to. Because the tanks are most likely the closest come the enemies, castle can attend to attackers who emphasis their attention on them. V these opponents distracted, allies can take out unsuspecting foes with backstabs (for stealthy rogues) and also distant explode (for Spellcasters).

11 hold-up Enemy movement When Necessary

given their protective nature, tanks in the warm of combat need to delay enemy activity whenever necessary. The way, castle can offer allies enough an are to retreat or also reposition for a counter-offensive. Tanks can finest do this by blocking turn off pathways that lead closest to their allies. This can take the type of an enntrance gate or one exit, as well as narrow passageways.

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when positioned this way, a tank can pay attention to allies going in these entrances and also protect them from unnecessary encounters. Thanks to chance Attacks, tanks have the right to also shot and hit opponents who have to pass the tank in stimulate to get closer to an ally.

10 take into consideration Picking Knight, Fighter

players may also pick a beginning Class to usage as a template for the Tank they're perfecting because that much later in the game. Both these class suggestions come with the Opportunist Talent, letting castle perform strikes of opportunity to adjacent opponents that shot to move away indigenous melee range.

In this regard, the Knight easily becomes the ideal beginning Class. It comes with 3 Warfare skills that automatically let Tanks tackle short to mid-range incursions an ext aggressively: battering Ram (rush), Crippling punch (stun), and Battle Stomp (mid-range stun).

Meanwhile, the Fighter fits a much more defensive Tank build. Lock come with mid-ranged attacks and also a defensive buff that enable the Tank come prepare for battles before engaging. These include fight Stomp (mid-range stun), Bouncing Shield (long-range AOE), and Fortify (buff).

9 Strength and Constitution are Key

When building the perfect Tank, players should tackle the right Attributes. Nevertheless of the combat approach, Tanks need to have actually high Strength and also Constitution to rise their survivability as lot as possible. In the situation of Constitution, each increase offers players a 7-percent Vitality boost and leader to more powerful Shields. This can help accommodate an ext defensive builds while likewise letting aggressive build sponge much more damage.

Likewise, each stamin increase offers a 5-percent damage boost to Swords, Maces, and Axes. Greater Strength additionally gives access to heavy armor capable of an enhancing Physical Armour. Since the Warfare college utilizes strength by default, aiming because that high Strength have the right to make because that a simple yet fairly safe Tank build. Pure attacking power alone can aid Tanks take it on foes there is no relying on facility Source abilities and also other Skills.

8 Single-Handed Is A safe Choice

Tanks can want to invest in Single-Handed for a much more optimized and balanced build. ~ all, each allude in Single-Handed increases Damage and Accuracy through 5-percent, do this Combat capability perfect for landing an ext hits to opponents especially as soon as outnumbered.

Granted, Two-Handed also boosts damage and crucial Multiplier by the same amount. Unlike Single-Handed, Two-Handed's exclusive right guarantee much more "punch" whenever an essential Hits connect. However, Tanks can find that riskier to financial institution on high-hitting Criticals instead of just ensuring a guaranteed hit with middling DPS. As such, Single-Handed is quickly the safer selection for Tanks who desire to maximize their rotate in every round.

7 Defense can Have more Use than Skills

Unlike skills that give personalities an benefit in regards to spells and combat techniques, Defence capability diversify the means Tanks can soak damages on the battlefield. For instance, every allude in management benefits nearby allies through 2-percent Dodging and also 3-percent included Resistances. This permits Tanks to match melee DPS builds.

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Meanwhile, each allude in Perseverance restores 5-percent Armour as soon as recovering indigenous Frozen or Stunned (Magic), or after gift Petrified or Knocked under (Physical). Lastly, each suggest in Retribution reflects 5-percent damage to attackers, quickly punishing foes for even trying to connect the Tank in combat.

6 Shields increase Can end up being A Godsend

Players who equip Shields alongside their favorite tools might an alert two things: they gain a boost in Armour, and they also get Shields increase (Special Skill). This ability consumes 2AP because that restoring the Physical and also Magical armor of the caster's Shield. This could seem too lot for a 2AP-Skill, but it can become a life-saver in emergencies.

Essentially, protective Tanks have the right to use Shields increase to automatically restore Armour lost in the middle of combat. This fits clutch situations where a completely Armoured Tank deserve to soak damages while the rest of your allies cure or reposition. Provided the defensive benefit of Shields, this immediately complements the Single-Handed Ability.

5 Geomancer Can assist With Defense

of the element Skill institutions in Original Sin 2, it's Geomancer that has actually the biggest ties to defensive strategies. Lot of its skills either collection defensive buffs or manipulate the battlefield to the advantage of the Geomancer's allies. In that is most straightforward sense, protective Tanks can boost their defenses v Fortify (add physics Armour) and Mend metal (nearby allies gain back Physical Armor).

However, Geomancer provides Tanks various other tactical opportunities as well. For instance, Corrosive Touch (Geomancer 1) destroys Physical armor upon touch, if Reactive armour (Geomancer 2) and also Poison tide (Geomancer 2) damages surrounding foes.

4 Tap right into The tradition Origin

if a Pre-Made Origin gives players accessibility to one of six dedicated narratives for the game, technical players might want to usage a Custom origin for your Tanks. Like all Origins, a custom Origin has actually a Special ability exclusive come them. For tradition Origins, this ability is referred to as Dome the Protection, miscellaneous perfect for defensive builds.

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in ~ its core, the Dome of defense summons a magical ar that increases elemental resistances and also restores the Armor the allies in that area. This is perfect because that Tanks who need to give melee allies nearby a fast buff against more powerful opponents. Together a plus, this skill works for approximately 13-meters, perfect because that Tanks who desire to buff allies native afar. When paired through a course like a knight or Fighter, the Dome of Protection have the right to easily allow Tanks to become both damages soakers and also emergency buffers.

3 Capitalize On war For Mobility

selection is an essential aspect that Original Sin 2's combat, meaning a the majority of tactical decision hinge ~ above how fast a character deserve to move somewhere. While war doesn't market a ton the mobility options, the does market some of the most varied movement an abilities out there. Tanks should capitalize top top this limited mobility to their advantage.

because that instance, also leaping v a Phoenix Dive (Warfare 1) create a fire surface on the destination, damaging whatever near it. Additionally, battering Ram (Warfare 1) have the right to Knockdown all opponents while travel in a directly line. Meanwhile, Blitz assault (Warfare 2) strikes up to two targets towards a destination. Come those that don't desire to move, also Bouncing Shield (Warfare 1) have the right to reach targets in mid-range. These an abilities also explain why starting Classes prefer Knights and also Fighters additionally become quickly versatile regardless of being melee powerhouses.

2 become The Setup

many thanks to the warfare School, a Tank have the right to capitalize on a the majority of stun-like statuses to stop opponents from moving. Theoretically, the ideal Warfare skill can aid Tanks set up adversaries for Mages and Rogues come kill v brutal combos. In regards to stuns, Tanks can inflict debuffs in both close selection (Battering Ram, Empower, Crippling Blow) and also long-range (Battle Stomp). The awesome part here is the Tanks can use these skills as early as war 2, with Empower only requiring war 5.

Tanks us can end up fights after they shock their opponents. With the best Warfare investment, they can deal devastating damages with Whirlwind (Warfare 2) and Onslaught (Warfare 3). This is even better when buffed through Enrage (Warfare 2) or special of the struggle (Warfare 3).

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1 never ever Rely ~ above Healers

MMO players recognize that Healers room expected to heal Tanks very first before other party members. However, given the adaptability of Original Sin 2, Tanks should shot to stop needing the cure in the an initial place. Remember, personalities rely on minimal Action points in battle. Therefore, if a Healer can add to DPS, the faster the fight ends - which is intuitively much more important.

In that regard, Tanks need to invest in both Consumables and reliable healing ability to an increase their survivability. Exterior the abundance of potions in the game, great ol' first Aid (Huntsman 1) is constantly a trustworthy tool. This emergency cure won't just offer some Vitality but additionally cures many status effects.

Divinity: initial Sin 2 was released on September 14, 2017, and also is easily accessible for PC, playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and iPad.

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