Many players beginning to beat Witcher 3 has a concern in mind, need to they play Witcher 2 before 3? together Witcher has presented themselves together a franchise quite than just gaming series. With TV series, Novels, and also gaming series in the line, the story chin is incredible. CD Projekt Red did an awesome project in developing Witcher 3 (not choose Cyberpunk 2077).

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TLDR: must you beat Witcher 2 before 3? No. CD Projekt Red go a good job in making Witcher 3 a independent game. Witcher 3 itself can additionally yield one adequate understanding of the storyline. But if don’t desire to miss any kind of sidelines and minute details in the game, ns recommend friend to review the novel once. If not, play Witcher 2 prior to 3 would certainly be sufficient.

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What is the Witcher?FAQs

What is the Witcher?

Some civilization recognize ‘the Witcher’ from Netflix’s drama series, while part from the great old collection of publications written through the polishing Autor Andrzej Sapkowski. ~ above the various other hand, Gamers said it to a role-playing action game that was exit in 2007.

CD Projekt Red has done wonderful job in transforming the Witchers is a role-playing action game. All three gamings are based upon the novel collection of ‘The Witcher.’ The plot of the games complies with the events following in mainland Saga. Set back in the medical fantasy world, the story complies with the protagonist Geralt Rivia. That is a magically magnified monster hunter who possesses supernatural abilities. Thus the name ‘the Witcher.’

The Witcher: rise of the White Wolf


The answer is NO. The is no compulsory to play witcher 1 or witcher 2 to gain the third part, ‘The Witcher 3: Wild hunt.’ The first two gamings have a very small connection through the third part.

CD project has done an amazing project of offering players the necessary information the the storyline through dialogues and gameplay. Over there is no unnecessary dumping of info that might bore the players. The players have the right to read the review of the an initial two parts to recognize the third component better.

A couple of gamers recommend play the first two parts because they thoroughly took pleasure in it. The first two games give straightforward information around the characters, conversely, the 3rd game is whereby the actual Geralt is in action. The Wild hunt is one masterpiece. The game has role playing game open-world recommendations with adventure and also characters complete of life.

Witchers 1 is simply a timing-focused allude and click attacks, conversely, witchers 2 is more up-to-date with contemporary action games. Witchers 3 has spectacular graphics and a datalog that gives reference to the gamings history.


A couple of FAQs about the Witcher video clip game collection are reply below:

It is no mandatory to play the witcher 2 before 3, but they space interconnected. Play Witcher 2 very first will offer a clean idea around the 3rd part. However then again, one can additionally read the summaries and also directly dive into the third part.

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It is not mandatory to review the novels before playing the video game. However, it is recommended to read them because it completely changes the game. You will certainly be much more eager come watch and also control the characters you love in the game. If one doesn’t desire to check out all the books, the last book, ‘seasons that Storms,’ will certainly be enough to experience everything.