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ahead Generations third Gen quick Question about traded pokemon and speed leveling began by Kryten June 20th, 2007 12:03 pm
i recognize that as soon as you trade a pokemon end it will level much faster my inquiry arehow much quick is over there a %?if friend traded the pokemon again would certainly it getting also fast leveling?and once its traded and also levels rapid does this mean it will finish up weaker climate if it to be non-traded?

It"s type of tough to explain..examples are always easier...I have actually Fire Red and Sapphire. I desire to train mine Blaziken in FR. Once I trade it, and also battle, I think you get dual of the original. No, if you profession it again, that does not increase. Actually, as soon as you trade it back to Sapphire, it"ll lose that bonus.
ns c so to recive fast leveling it have to be trained ~ above a version it was not captured on will certainly it be simply as solid as if ns trained that on the verison the was recorded on?

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not that hard to explaion actually... Pokémon trained under a trainer of a various ID than that of it"s original trainer profit "boosted EXP", 150% of the original EXP got (not double, twin is 200%). Basically, take it the EXP. Generally gained and also multiply the by "1.5". To recieve "Boosted EXP", the Pokémon does not have to be on a different version 보다 the one that was recorded on, as long as it"s under a trainer that a various ID. (If you profession it again, the same dominance still applies. Pokémon traind through trainers the a various ID 보다 their OT obtain 150% that what they initially gain... No more, no less).And yes, I think traded Pokémon will end up with lower stats 보다 that of a Pokémon i beg your pardon wasn"t traded... I could be not correct though, I"m not too sre around that. If it levels up much faster than typical Pokémon, it makes sense the is has less opportunities to gain initiative points and also etc...I hope this has helped friend :)