How to Play against Fizz (7 Tips)

A snowball heavy and also mobile champion, such as Fizz, can be really complicated to attend to if you’re playing somebody who needs time come come online, or who is nice immobile. Fizz have the right to 100 to 0 someone v seamlessly no initiative which makes him a substantial threat to any would-be laner.

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In this guide, we are going to malfunction some tips and also tricks you have the right to use to counter Fizz in the mid lane.

A many these advice will occupational if the is played in the top lane too, however generally speaking, he will have actually a slightly different build and playstyle which means some of these tips may not host as true.

How come play against FizzPoke and also trade level 1Hit level 2 firstPlay respectfully at level 3 to 4Understand Fizz’s ultimateInvest in protective itemsWard her flanks Avoid walking roughly Summoners Rift alone

1. Poke and trade level 1

At level 1, try to bully and harass Fizz as lot as possible. This will make it an extremely hard for him to look for very early all-in, together he will certainly be forced to burn through his early sustain in bespeak to stay in lane, which is a large benefit for you together well.

Every time he tries to critical hit or push the wave, auto-attack him and use an capacity on him. Rinse and also repeat this whenever feasible on the first couple waves.

However, the is necessary that you do not over-commit come poking at an early stage on- particularly if friend cannot enhance his sustain.

Avoid auto-attacking him once there is a huge minion wave as the minions will begin auto-attacking you. Whenever girlfriend auto-attack, to walk backwards for this reason the minions will certainly drop aggro.

If you walk forward, you run the hazard of the enemy minions concentrating you because that longer and dealing much more damage to you. This in turn can make your early poke meaningless together you’ll both be the very same HP.

2. Fight level 2 first

Depending ~ above the matchup, Fizz might look for an aggressive play at level 2 if you’re short on health, immobile or really weak in the beforehand game. If he might be can not to carry out so if you can poke him down beforehand, that not difficult for that to do this form of play come burn very early Flash or force you to usage your sustain.

Hitting level 2 in ~ the same time or prior to Fizz can regularly be a deterrent and also prevent the from walking in together you’ll have the ability to trade ago with him. However, hitting level 2 is not just a deterrent.

With the level advantage, you deserve to look because that a favorable trade with 2 abilities. For part champions, your level 2 power spike is nice good. While they might not have any type of kill pressure, they have the right to dish the end a many burst damage.

For example, Syndra with her Q and also W at level 2 can do a considerable amount of damages when paired through an auto-attack and also Electrocute. Lucian deserve to go because that his picture level 2 all-in through his Q, E, and auto-attacks.

To struggle level 2 an initial in a solo lane, you must kill the an initial minion wave adhered to by 1 melee minion on the second wave. This advice is not simply useful versus Fizz. It’s incredibly necessary that you hit level 2 first or in ~ the very same time regardless of the matchup she in.

3. Pat respectfully at level 3 to 4

Most Fizz players will look because that an aggressive play and commit to an all-in through Ignite at about level 3 or 4 once they have accessibility to their basic abilities.

With this in mind, prevent overextending or pushing too much up in lane. This will alleviate his ability to all-in you and also chase girlfriend down, i beg your pardon subsequently increases your opportunities of enduring a would-be all-in.

Respect Fizz and give him a large birth. Give him as much space as possible to make it very complicated for him come all-in you. If you’re playing a weak early game champion, then you need to be really respectful and also expect him come look for an early all-in at level 3 or 4 and also go because that a kill.

Do not autumn behind by placing aggressively or overextending.

If you’ve moved Fizz into his tower, to walk backwards and also out of variety so it is difficult for the to usage his Q or E aggressively and also chase girlfriend down.

Just remember, he wants to pat aggressive and also get kills and also his an initial major possibility to execute so is in ~ level 3. Due to the fact that he may not be able to all-in girlfriend as soon as he hits level 3, the doesn’t average you’re for sure to do every little thing you want.

He might be wait for you come overextend prior to chasing friend down. Carry out not die to him or rather he will be able to snowball and also take over the map!

4. Recognize Fizz’s ultimate

At level 6, Fizz has a lot of extra kill push thanks to his Ultimate. The can allow him come one-shot a most squishy champions and also can even be supplied to set up his Jungler.

Once she level 6, you have to play safer if you’re no at 100% health as he transaction a how amazing amount of burst damage.

His Ultimate has actually a rather short cooldown and also it’s up much more often 보다 you think. Shot to save a mental note on just how long it has been down for and play safer once you understand it’s up. Its basic cooldown is 100 seconds- so store that in mind.

If you’re front of Fizz, or if you’re somebody who is really mobile/tanky and who he cannot kill quickly or quickly, he might look come roam approximately the map and help his allies get kills.

You can respond to this by trying to enhance his roams or save him pushed right into his tower for this reason he is can not to roam.

Each that these advice do have their side results though. He will certainly still have the ability to all-in you if you’re advertise him right into the tower, or he might use his ultimate to collection up his Jungler for a death while she overextended.

If friend do shot to enhance his roam, he might be trying come bait you right into leaving the safety of her lane in order come all-in you. If you do wish to follow the Fizz, shot to take an alternate path to him so you perform not run right into him directly.

If girlfriend cannot enhance or respond to his roam, ping the he is absent and press the minion wave so the is can not roam because that free. You have the right to earn tower gold and tower bowl while he’s gone.


This is the selection of Fizz’s Ultimate.

As a side note, keep an eye on her XP bar. If you’re practically level 6, you need to expect him come be nearly level 6 too if the lane is even. If your level 6 no as solid as his, you need to reposition and also play more back.

Understanding as soon as a champion solid is vital to any matchup. Here’s a separate overview that will aid you understand how to recognise once a champion is strong and what you deserve to do come play approximately a champion’s strength spike.

5. Invest in defensive items

Depending on the champion she playing, you might wish to invest in defensive items to assist protect friend from Fizz’s all-in.

Items such as Zhonya’s Hourglass, Guardian’s Angel, Banshee’s Veil, and also Mercury Treads are all protective items the can aid save her life and protect girlfriend from incoming damage from the Fizz.

These item are an excellent as they every offer protective stats v Zhonya’s Hourglass, GA and Banshee’s Veil all offering you included protection to prevent your death.

I would extremely recommend picking up among these item if the foe Fizz is solid or if you’re a squishy champion.

If you want to learn much more about items the can counter Fizz, examine out our brand-new item guides for Season 11.

Zhonya’s Hourglass

Zhonya’s Hourglass is good on:

LissandraLeblancAhriGuardian Angel


Guardian point of view is good on:

LucianAsheTalonBanshee’s Veil


Banshee’s Veil is an excellent on:

XerathOriannaRyzeMercury’s Treads


Mercury’s Treads is good on:


Cleanse, QSS and also Mikeals perform not avoid Fizz’s Ultimate. So execute not bother investing in them as a way of escaping the fish.

However, they might be useful against other foe abilities.

6. Ward your flanks

To part extent, Fizz struggles in traditional team fights. As he is an assassin, he may not desire to directly 5v5. He can technically fight prefer this, yet most Fizz players prefer to flank or strike from the side so they carry out not obtain poked down and also forced to back off before they’re able to engage.

With this in mind, if friend cannot check out Fizz once you’re sieging or looking for a fight, mean him come be off to the side and waiting for an optimal chance to choose someone off through his Ultimate.

You have the right to reduce his opportunities of act this through warding her flanks and assuming the he is adjacent and all set to fight.

Depending on wherein you’re trying to fight, friend will should ward different areas. But here are some good warding locations.


When sieging goals in the optimal side that the map choose a tier 2 tower on one inhibitor tower, place vision within the jungle and around the target itself.

The details wards can carry out will permit you and also your team to identify if Fizz is coming and what you must do about it. You deserve to either select to disengage or look to turn on to him.


When sieging in the bottom lane, you might place wards in these locations to watch if Fizz is comes to flank. This warding locations are an excellent when sieging a tier 2 tower or an inhibitor tower.

If you want to learn an ext and find much more warding point out to avoid flanks indigenous Fizz or any kind of other champion in the game, check out our thorough vision control guide.

7. Protect against walking roughly Summoners Rift alone

Fizz is one assassin and also will look at to death targets that room moving roughly Summoners Rift alone. In the mid-game, in particular, this is one of his favorite methods to acquire ahead.

You can reduce his gold income and also his opportunities of winning in the late game by expertise what he desires to do and avoid doing it!

Avoid walking approximately the map alone if you know Fizz is surrounding or if girlfriend haven’t viewed him ~ above the map in the while.

Fizz loves to take under targets in high traffic components of the map like detailed below. That will often “camp” in these bushes and also wait because that someone to walk by before casting his Ultimate.


The yellow highlighted areas are areas of the map wherein Fizz likes come ambush players.

As you have the right to see, that loves to hide in the river and around tropical entrances.

General tips on just how to walk about the map safely:

Try to avoid challenge checking bushes therefore you execute not run into him.Stick to parts of the maps that are warded.For Supports, stop going come ward alone unless you recognize where the foe is.For Supports, do not go and also deep ward if you’re alone. Wait for her allies to help you.Do not walk right into unwarded parts of the jungle as soon as Baron or Dragon is up together Fizz may be wait for you.Take alternative paths if she trying to enhance Fizz as he rotates approximately the map.

Try to keep a consistent eye on where he is at all times and also play accordingly. If you’re weak, shot and protect against walking around the map if he’s surrounding or else you’ll be simple target for him. Treat the the exact same as you would a Zed, Akali, Syndra, or Leblanc.


To summarize, there are a few different points you have the right to do to respond to Fizz and also make the laning phase and playing against him easier. For the many part, the all around being respectful versus the Fish and also understanding what he desires to do, and playing about it.

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If girlfriend have any type of questions or desire to find out more, examine out PicklePants’s stream.