Don"t desire to usage the HTC Vive"s incorporated microphone? Here"s just how to use any device with the headset.

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While the HTC Vive has actually its own inbuilt microphone, its functionality in many instances is periodically questionable. Between the low-quality and positioning, the inbuilt microphone is an easy means to interact in virtual truth games, however, other techniques are encourage to preserve the eardrums of your allies.

Thankfully, whether it"s a standalone microphone or gaming headset, a wide range of devices can it is in used instead of the combined microphone top top the headset. Furthermore, options hidden away inside SteamVR make automatic microphone choice seamless, after just a brief setup. These space the steps to adjust your microphone provided alongside one HTC Vive, and also how to automate the process going forward.

How to pick your microphone as soon as using one HTC Vive


In most games for the HTC Vive, the source microphone is determined by the default currently selected by Windows. Before starting a game, us recommend picking your desired an equipment through Windows" aboriginal "Sound" app, which allows energetic recording gadgets to it is in selected.

Open the windows Sound application.Select the Recording tab.Right-click on the microphone you arrangement to use.Choose Set as Default Device.Right-click top top the microphone you plan to use again.Choose Set together Default interaction Device.

How to immediately switch microphones as soon as using SteamVR


Within the settings for SteamVR, default audio gadgets can additionally be collection to automatically change when her HTC Vive is and isn"t in use. This means that if you might use a specific microphone and also headphones at your desk, when beginning SteamVR, your devices can automatically change to a different collection of preferences. Here"s exactly how to customize her automated microphone setups from SteamVR.

Open the SteamVR desktop application.Select Settings native the SteamVR drop-down menu.Open the Audio tab.Configure her sound preferences to move to your desired when starting SteamVR. To protect against recording concerns after finishing v SteamVR, configure the settings to select a various input after ~ closing the application.

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Have questions around using an exterior microphone with your HTC Vive not covered in this guide? Make certain to drop her thoughts in the comments and also we"ll be sure to get ago as quickly as possible.