Life360 is an application that’s often misunderstood. As a family locator app, the does have actually some functions which may be similar to those of various spying apps. However it also follows some really clear limitations and also anti-intrusion protocols.

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Privacy concerns aside, right here are several of the coolest services of making use of Life360, complete features and all, the means it was intended to be used.

Notable Features

Now the we’ve worked out what Life360 can and can’t monitor, let’s talk around some of the other functions available. Reviewing this list, you can decide whether or not this application is best for you.

You’ll need ar tracking caused on her phone for this to work. If the app can’t obtain your existing location, it won’t matter if the other person is gift tracked through the app.


Once you’ve enabled GPS tracking, the application can calculate the distance in between you and that member and devise with a travel plan.

Roadside Assistance

Here’s another feature, reserved for premium members, that deserve to make your life easier and also safer while traveling. When you’ve end up being a premium member, you’ll get accessibility to the ‘Call Roadside Assistance’ button.

You’ll find it under the ‘Safety’ tab. Making use of this feature will affix you by phone v a representative from Life360. If you have actually your place services caused then the representative will certainly know precisely where girlfriend are, what you’re doing, who you are, etc.

You must then have the ability to solve your troubles with a bit of assistance. One more cool thing about this attribute is the it can help you if friend can’t ar a contact yourself. Once associated to a live representative from Life360, you deserve to ask for a tow truck or other form of roadside intervention.

Crash Detection

Here’s one more reason you might want to make complete use of Life360’s tracking technology. Because that premium us users, a feature called Driver safeguard is likewise available. This feature might not work perfectly uneven you have a newer generation smartphone, but, in essence, it offers the sensors in her phone come detect impacts occurring at speed of a minimum that 25mph.

Once a crash has been detected, Life360 will call you and all various other members in her circle via text or email. The application can likewise notify emergency contacts and also dispatch emergency solutions to your location.

What’s cool is that this attribute works even if it is you’re a driver or a passenger. Again, the won’t tap into your car’s onboard computer but use your phone’s sensors instead. Therefore, your place in the auto doesn’t issue at all.

But it won’t be able to detect if someone crashes right into you if you’re simply a pedestrian the end walking. So, store that in mind before thinking the the application offers the can be fried tracking and also crash detection technology.


Another function of Life360 is the form of alerts it sends. From low battery life to her arrival at certain destinations, the app is unique. As soon as you an initial setup Life360 girlfriend will obtain two totally free destinations. Whenever someone in your circle arrives, friend (and everyone else in the circle) will obtain an alert. You’ll also receive one alert when someone leaves one of these places.

You deserve to turn on for sure Drive notifications for teen vehicle drivers or even someone that travels a lot that you might be concerned about. Every week, every member the the circle instantly creates a safe driving report. Safety cases can incorporate rapid acceleration, difficult braking, and even phone consumption (although it won’t display the task it may pick up on motions of the phone that indicate unsafe driving).

The expense Versus the Payout

Life360 has three tiers of business not including the cost-free option.

The Silver option is $4.99/mo or $49.99/year. This option unlimited Check-Ins, Crash Detection, driving Summaries, and also $100 toward the instead of of a shed or steal phone.

The Gold choice is $9.99/mo. Or $99.99/year. You acquire a little much more with this choice like Emergency dispatch, roadside assistance, and also $250 toward the replacement cost of a shed or steal phone.

Finally, the Platinum option offers you whatever Life360 has to offer because that $19.99/mo. Or $199.99/year. That still doesn’t offer you the choice to watch what someone is in reality doing on their phone (like texts, emails, call calls) however it does offer you 30 days of driving history. This way you can go back and look at paths the person has actually taken.

Life360’s plan (including the complimentary plan) permits users to have 10 human being in your circle at one time.

Life360 Is no to it is in Underestimated

Hopefully, now you can rest assured that Life360 is no an application that will monitor and record her every move. There are plenty of things you have the right to do privately, such as communicate with others inside or outside your exclusive circles, without the application storing every last detail.

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If you’re concerned around your privacy, it’s probably ideal to stop the application altogether. Even though we understand that no one have the right to see your actual phone activity (other 보다 your battery life), it is quite invasive. Relying on what your instance is, you may want to spoof the location on Life360.

Let us know if you’ve i found it anything else the didn’t it seems to be ~ on the up and up concerning privacy settings. Execute you tho feel like you’re being monitoring more than you have to be? Or perform you find Life360 to be much less intrusive and easier to usage than other similar apps? Share your thoughts in the comments ar below.