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To know just how to carry out this, keep following the steps:

Run your MSI AfterburnerOn top, there room three buttons located. Among those buttons should be the letter “K.”The letter “K” stands for Kombustor. Please note that the letter “K” must be highlighted just like the rest of the buttons. However, if that is no highlighted, that method it is not downloaded yet, and the switch is no clickable. If this is the case, head over to the MSI afterburner website and also download Kombustor.Now, click the “K” switch located end the “core voltage” meterMSI Kombustor will fill right away, and it will start stress trial and error your cardNow, with Kombustor, you can monitor several things such together GPU load, GPU Temp, and so top top to provide you an understanding of how your graphic card job-related at basic levels.If you space going come close her Kombustor or you space done with the test, do make certain that you document the scores or readings come compare v the scores (performance intensified overclocked settings) later on on.

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Now, girlfriend are ready to overclock her card. We recommend looking for exactly how users have actually overclocked the same card as yours for much better understanding. In this way, you’ll be able to push your card to its limit.

There is simply one an ext thing you should understand prior to going come actually start overclocking (we promise that the last one!). The one point is, expertise what overclocking a GPU in reality does.

Firstly, the most vital thing overclocking does boost the GPU’s power by an enhancing the rate of the graphical processor in ~ which the works. All GPUs have actually a specific running speed, i beg your pardon is dubbed base speed. However, this speed can vary relying on the manufacturer.

So, by overclocking the speed of the card, the GPU will, in return, increase in temperature, and also thus, the an ext power is drained. Therefore, the is essential to find a balance in between a steady temperature and performance because that the card.

You should constantly keep in psychic one thing, the every map is different even if it’s the exact same manufacturer and same model!

For example, your GTX 1080 could have different safe high speed, while her friend’s GTX 1080 might have a various one. Therefore, we recommend testing your overclocking speed on her own.

Don’t try to press your graphics map too difficult with MSI Afterburner overclocking software. Doing so will result in graphical glitches or crashing the the PC. We understand this can be a nightmare, yet don’t worry. You can always readjust your speeds ago to for sure levels, and for the finest practice, constantly start slow and also move it upward till you start experiencing any type of problems.

Not to fear you, but overclocking is complete of dangers process. Tweaking her GPU might result in damaging the permanently. But, MSI Afterburner renders this procedure easier. However, some common sense is a prerequisite for it.

At any point you notification that you are pushing her GPU as well far, avoid immediately and also search because that it online.

Follow these procedures to overclock utilizing MSI Afterburner:

Firstly, set the ‘power limit’ and also the ‘temperature limit’ to the maximum value you deserve to see increase there. Now, her GPU is capable of reaching much greater powers and temperatures. You could be resistant come raise the sliders the the temperature limits as they’re quite high, however don’t stress. That usually integrated by the manufacturer because the GPU can take the strength increase. The GPU will be much more efficient after the increase.Next, change the clock speed. Remember to increment that by 20-30 units as each unit equals 1 MHz.Don’t adjust settings anymore and also monitor the impact of the changes.If no graphical issues appear, you deserve to start raising your clock speed again. Remember come hit apply and also check the impacts of her changes. If any issue persists, shot lowering the clock speed or setup it ago to the stock value.Next, adjust the storage clock speed. These increments can be anywhere in between 50MHz to 100MHz. Examine for graphical problems again and keep lowering the rate until they disappear.Run a stress and anxiety test because that a few minutes. Maybe try running a game on ultra settings. Monitor your graphics, and if castle steady, the new settings can help you rev up your gaming experience permanently. Don’t forget to save/apply the settings!

Want to know how good or poor your GPU actually is? The best means to uncover out is by using the MSI Afterburner because that On-Screen screen Benchmarking. This energy helps friend easily collection the software application to present you the memory clock, clock speed, temperature, and much much more that is regarded GPU.

To permit the on-screen display in MSI Afterburner, follow this steps:

Go come settings home window and navigate the “Monitoring” tab and also click itHead end to the “Active Hardware surveillance Graphs” to configure the graphs the you desire to watch in the OSD. You deserve to do this by opened the descriptive name, climate the settings, and readjust the properties attribute to “in OSD.”As starters, you deserve to run basic checks choose framerate, temperature, usage, and other speed checks.Now, anytime you’ll operation a game, the OSD will carry out you the real-time information around the GPU’s performanceAnother configuration the you can do is, girlfriend can also assign a hotkey for toggling OSD ON and also OFF. You can assign the hotkey under the ”On-Screen Display” tab. This is strongly recommended, and we likewise suggest to assign a very underused such as insert or page up crucial for toggling.

When overclocking, setting up a fan profile is crucial as it reflects how reliable your GPU will certainly run.

Here space a few steps to overview you on how to set a pan profile:

Go to “Settings” located in the bottom corner

Then, click “fan” tab ~ above the top of the settings window.

Now, click” permit user-defined software automatic pan control” option located at the height of the food selection which will allow you to readjust the pan curve below

To define a brand-new point, click anywhere on the graph and also move it about according to your needs. If you want to eliminate a curve point, just select it and also press “delete” from her keyboard.

Leave the other options as lock are.

One that the exceptional things around MSI Afterburner is its compatibility. That is compatible with practically every GPU nevertheless of the model, chipset manufacturer, or card manufacturer. If her GPU has been made in ~ the last ten years, the MSI Afterburner will assistance it; this renders the Afterburner the most versatile graphics regulating tool.

The amazing attributes of MSI Afterburner surpass every the tests together the competitors only tend to support certain GPUs. Furthermore, this utility is totally free of charge and intuitive, the cherry top top the top!

Final Words

If you have actually made it spins here, you should be mindful of all the great things the MSI Afterburner has to offer. It need to be totally clear, too, how essential it is for you if girlfriend are an extensive gamer.

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It is the ideal GPU adjusting/controlling tool out there, and also it it s okay the task done perfectly!

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