“You have the right to not only use Redmi keep in mind 9 agree as a TV remote but additionally use its IR Blaster to regulate set-top boxes, ACs, fans, clever boxes, DVD players, DSLRs, and more”

Redmi keep in mind 9 pro (first impression) is among the many Xiaomi smartphones to come with an IR blaster. It’s a nifty function that doubles the Redmi note 9 agree as a global remote for miscellaneous electronic devices — such as a TV, set-top box, AC, fan, smart box, DVD player, DSLR, and also more. Using the Redmi note 9 agree as a TV far is different from the Bluetooth-based remote manage as the last requires a cumbersome job of paring the gadgets via Bluetooth in stimulate to regulate them. IR blaster that permits buyers to usage Redmi keep in mind 9 pro as a TV remote, ~ above the various other hand, needs no such pairing and is compatible with few of the older gadgets that don’t sell Bluetooth or wireless connections.

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How to use Redmi note 9 pro as a TV remote


The ‘Mi remote controller’ application comes pre-installed on Redmi note 9 Pro;Launch the app and select ‘Add remote’ alternative from the bottom the the screen;Select the maker that you desire to control from the following screen, choose the brand, and switch ~ above the device;The following step would certainly be to allude the far at the maker and tap on/off switch to make sure it’s responding;There will be as countless as 14 test buttons for you come try;Once found, her Redmi keep in mind 9 agree will occupational as a far for the device. Similarly, you have the right to add an ext devices by tapping top top the ‘+’ icon on the optimal left edge of the app.

The paired devices will be conserved within the Mi Remote app for future use. Additionally, an app shortcut will certainly be developed for girlfriend to jump to the far with simply a tap. You can sign-in to save all the setups in the cloud and share accessibility of the remotes with friends utilizing QR code.

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To execute so, open up the remote’s settings and also tap “Share” option. The receiver will certainly then need to scan the QR code utilizing the scanner available under the ‘+’ icon at the top-right corner of the Mi far controller app, which is available for download native Google pat Store.

That said, you also have the alternative to watch Live TV within the app, ‘Show controls ~ above Lock screen’, enable ‘Vibrate ~ above touch’ option, and set Pin ~ above the start web page for protection purposes.