This was a Twitter thread, now posted here, trying to reflect on, extend and also reconstruct a speak I gave at ‘Question Criticality’ Symposium in ~ Leeds
CentreCelt in November 2019 about criticality/critical thinking in that and wider contexts

We frequently laud crucial thinking, seeing a lack of it as socially dangerous, and desperately argue because that students come ‘question more’. This seems favor an obvious truth. That is normally accepted thus with philosophy: the this is a discipline basedonsearching questions. Socratic dialogues set this tone- and also we space off. Yet to where? can we reframe Socratic and other questioning methods as effective at best. From climate-change deniers, alternative facts and the mistrust of experts, come ‘debate me’ Redditedge-lords, we need to up our gameina an ext sophisticated articulation of criticality the doesn’t add to this progress/species-endangering behaviours

The ‘change mine mind’ and also debate-me voices greatly don’t desire to change their mind, yet want to *win*, or indulge in a performative display screen of contrarian, ‘edgy’ rhetoric.

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The ‘debate me’ dudes room addressed in this short piece by
milesklee that I’d commend –

The ‘reply guy’ in part variants is framed as an effort to conflict – yet as in the piece by
chloebryan in (types 5 and 7 the the 9 species of reply male seem to maybe fit here?) – the men have actually arrived come *tell* ladies something, and it’s pretty far from a dialogic undertaking the they engaging in.

Beyond this we see another demand to make spaces because that voices, no matter how transgressive, unwelcome, abusive or hurtful together not only a staple of Trump’s platform, however mirrored carefully in Office for student in the UK – a forced ‘debate me’ culture in greater Education maybe?


It’s hard to think the ‘being critical’ isn’t a goal we need to aspire to for our students, yet we have to do better. We might pause here and reflect ~ above what we desire critique for. What actual dialogue is, and also that isn’t a surface performativity the changes nothing, and also isn’t open to being readjusted itself.

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‘Marketplace the ideas’ is together a scrappy notion, that is supplied as despite it’s a concept that is complete – rather than actually raising myriad questions regarding whose market it is, what currency we salary in (attention?), even if it is we accept faulty and also misleading goods, whether i am compelled to hear every sales pitch, and who owns the stalls. Next time we are tempted to pop ‘critical thinking’ together a learning outcome because that a course – we can want to think about what we actually mean, and have our criticality gain some specificity.