Standard tiny - yellow - $ 23.00 Standard medium - gold - $ 23.00 Standard huge - gold - $ 23.00 typical XL - yellow - $ 23.00 traditional XXL - yellow - $ 23.00 typical XXXL - yellow - $ 23.00 Snug little - yellow - $ 23.00 Snug tool - gold - $ 23.00 Snug large - yellow - $ 23.00 Snug XL - gold - $ 23.00

Uterus: "Don"t Tread on Me!" A part of all RAYGUN Sales raise Money For Organizations That we Support. Black display screen Print on a yellow T-shirt (100% Combed Ringspun Cotton). Cut and sewn sweatshop free. Designed and printed by Union Labor at RAYGUN.

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* - call us: 515.288.1323- text us: 515.288.1323- Or protect against by: any kind of of our stores... And also we"ll take treatment of it for you!

You can obtain a full refund at any time for any kind of reason! the doesn"t issue if the garment has actually been worn and washed or even if you stated "I pinky-swear that I"ll never ever return this item!" girlfriend can obtain a full refund for product, shipping, v no re-stocking fees.

We will also exchange things for any type of reason, also if it"s to be worn and washed. No extra shipping costs, no re-stocking fees.

It doesn"t matter, you"re the boss! 

Our shipping room is a real location with actual people, and we have the right to take care of every little thing you need. That is the easiest returns-and-exchanges plan in the universe! 


ORDER PROCESSING: We ship orders Monday through Saturday and orders are generally ready for shipping within 48 hours of being got (depending on day of week, time, etc). Please save in mind in ~ checkout that the timeframes provided for various shipping choices is in addition to the moment we need to process and mail the order.

SHIPPING METHOD: We use the United states Postal business (USPS) as our major carrier. Us offer very first Class, Priority and Express Mail and also International shipping options.

SHIPPING RATES: We store it simple, you pay the same price it costs us come ship her order. Our shipping rates are calculation on the load of your package and the shipping class you select.

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STANDARD (USPS): 2-5 days*cost calculate by weightPRIORITY (USPS Priority): 1-3 days*cost calculated by weight

NEXT work (USPS Express): next Day (if ordered prior to 4PM Central)*cost calculated by weight

INTERNATIONAL (USPS International): 2-4 weeks*cost calculate by weight

FedEx or UPS? We deserve to ship out utilizing FedEx or UPS together well. Just contact us! 

Pick-Up at your neighborhood RAYGUN store

*free! you will certainly receive an e-mail when her order is ready. All products on our website are obtainable for in-store pick-up. If the product is in the store, you will certainly be educated right away the your pick-up is ready. If the product is not in the store, us will obtain it there ASAP, and you will be educated when the is ready. That is why it may be 1-3 days from the purchase date for her order to it is in ready. *You will certainly receive an e-mail when her order is ready for pickup.* 

If you have questions or need a product faster, just e-mail us! 


If girlfriend have any special shipping needs, you have the right to let us know in the comments ar of your order during the checkout process.

WHERE"S my ORDER? If girlfriend haven"t received your order and you doubt a problem, e-mail or call (515 288 1323)!