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A Facebook short article recently came to my attention:

https: //

I have actually absolutely no idea who Down v Disney’s treatment of Franchises and its Fanboys is, and I have absolutely no affiliation through them whatsoever. They room lying. Ns remain totally independent.

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That account also apparently freshly attempted the very same thing with Rotten Tomatoes through their Twitter account.

A group dubbed Down through Disney’s treatment of Franchises and also its Fanboys is claiming responsibility for the low Rotten tomatoes audience score for #TheLastJedi:

— IndieWire (
IndieWire) December 22, 2017

Apparently this group insurance claims to be white supremecists.

White superiorist Group’s setup to Tank ‘Black Panther’ Rotten tomatoes Score Fails: The ”Down through Disney’s treatment of Franchises and also its Fanboys” Facebook web page no longer exists. Https://

— Sandra (
sandrajlawson) February 3, 2018

This of course way that that this human being or entity is in truth actually SJW activist(s), that are infamous for perpetrating hate hoaxes, in an effort to prove points that don’t exist. Who have the right to forget the infamous Tea Party Infiltrators? It’s the exact same thing walk on here. The paper definition in i m sorry the surname of their entity provides the indigenous “fanboys” is a quite transparent indication that this is the case.

" data-medium-file="" data-large-file="" class=" size-full wp-image-2603" src="" alt="" srcset=" 240w, 150w" sizes=" 240px) 100vw, 240px" />Leftist activists are dumb too.

For the record, my place on racism has actually been repetitive here and also elsewhere many times, and also remains the same. Toxicity racism is a deeply sick obsession v the man-made divisions of race. Whether the principle is “white supremacy” or “white privilege” is irrelevant. They’re both really just two sides of the exact same sick coin.

But unfortunately, they combine themselves with various critics, and also then get shill media to write articles like this, and also post videos choose this:

I had actually a short interaction v this account ~ above Twitter.

DownWithDisney #StarWars #DeCanonizePabloHidalgo #boycottSolo #boycottStarWars #NotMyStarWars #NotMyLuke #DisneyKilledStarWars #FireKathleenKennedy #StarWarsMonth #SOYWARS #Soylo #Soycott #SoloAStarWarsStory

— Itchy Bacca (
ItchyBacca) might 31, 2018

We space on the very same side

— Down with Disney’s treatment of Franchises+Fanboys (
DownWithDisney) might 31, 2018

No. We are not.

— Itchy Bacca (
ItchyBacca) may 31, 2018


This account has also tried to combine itself with Geeks + Gamers:

FYI – this account is trash and also so is anyone is involved with to run it. They choose to twist my words as some method to give their rash credibility. I don’t know who lock are, but I perform not assistance them or the rubbish they try to put out. They’re rubbish people.

— Jeremy (
DDayCobra) might 28, 2018


TheQuartering offers their understanding on this problem:

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