Dr. Donald Vernon Coleman, 80, practiced dentistry because that over 40 year in St. Louis. He passed away March 26, 2011.

Dr. Donald V. Coleman was the third generation that his family tooperate a walk-in dentist practice near downtown St. Louis. That wasfirst-come, first-served.

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Some mornings the recalled detect as plenty of as 40 human being waitingfor him external the doors of his office in ~ 18th and also Olivestreets.

Dr. Coleman passed away Saturday (March 26, 2011) of bone cancer at St.Paul"s Nursing residence in Belleville, his family members said Thursday.

His family"s dental exercise was a mainstay simply west ofdowntown for more than a century. He operated it for an ext than 40years until he retirement at age 72. A former employee currently ownsit.

The exercise was passed under to Dr. Coleman indigenous his father, whoreceived that from his father, who opened it in 1896.

Dr. Coleman was recognized for the many gold teeth he set up inhis patients. In 2004, the Post-Dispatch reported the in just sixmonths, he had actually purchased 2,600 gold teeth to resell.

As his reputation spread, civilization traveled from across the regionand even the country to have Dr. Coleman to fill their herbal teethor dentures through gold.

Dr. Coleman i graduated from St. Francis De Sales High School,served as a navy corpsman throughout the oriental War, earn a dentaldegree at St. Louis University and married his best friend andchildhood sweetheart, Betty Wortman.

In 1983, they do news as soon as they recovered a sad-eyed bassetthound named Cleo. She had actually strayed from she home prior to she to be toreceive a heroism award because that awakening her owners as their residence inTroy, Ill., went up in flames.

The initial owners later provided the hound come the Colemans, whorenamed she Juicy due to the fact that of her prolific slobbering.

The Colemans were continual volunteers at pet shelters. Theybuilt a bedroom in ~ the behind of their house to treatment for stray puppiesuntil they to be old sufficient to be adopted.

Dr. Coleman donated his body to St. Luigi University. Friendsand family plan a memorial organization at a later date.

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Survivors, in enhancement to his wife, incorporate two sons, DonColeman of Tucson, Ariz., and Mike Coleman the O"Fallon, Ill.; sixgrandchildren; and also one great-granddaughter.


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