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Dr. Phi is American talk display starring psychologist Dr. Phil McGraw. The show, generally, features Phil helping assorted guests with personal, psychological or interpersonal problems, giving "life strategies" and also clinical assistance.


McGraw began showing up on Oprah Winfrey"s daytime talk show Oprah in 1998 (clip below).<1> The popularity of his then-infrequent appearances top top the present led to a weekly segment in i beg your pardon McGraw fielded concerns from audiences and also guests.

On September 16th, 2002, McGraw"s own series, Dr. Phil, premiered. As of 2019, the display has run for 16 seasons and aired more than 2,100 episodes.


Dr. Phil has been nominated for numerous Daytime Emmy Awards transparent its run.<2> numerous of these awards are for the technical facets of the series, including sound mixing, title and graphic design, promotion announcement, camera editing, hair styling and also more. It has additionally received number of nominations for impressive Talk Show, outstanding Talk show Host.

However, his brand of psychology has actually been the topic of criticism by those within the field. In 2004, the national Alliance for the Mentally ill wrote,<3> "Dr. Phil"s conduct is serious enough to warrant examination by a relevant board of licensure. Come the level that he seemed to offer a critical diagnosis, consisting of a pharmacological assessment, without mindful evaluation or referral, he also may be topic to legal sanctions for practicing medicine without a license."


Launched on march 3rd, 2012, the main Dr. Phil Facebook web page has more than 4 million likes and also followers.<4> The Dr. Phil show Twitter page has actually amassed than 91,000 followers due to the fact that launching on respectable 8th, 2013.<5>

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