Warren M. Lent, MD, a extremely respected plank certified plastic operated doctor in Beverly Hills, California, is well-known for his artistic technique to cosmetics surgery. As a sculptor and also connoisseur of timeless art, Dr. Lent undertakes plastic surgical treatment with a distinctive perspective. Dr. Lent has been honored through the guide to Americas optimal Surgeons i beg your pardon is released by the consumer Research council of America.

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Dr. Warren Lent, a Diplomate that both the American plank of Plastic surgical treatment (ABPS) and also the American plank of surgical treatment (ABS), specializes in nasal reshaping, therapy of facial aging, and also breast and also body contouring – consisting of procedures such together laser eyelid surgery, mommy makeovers, and post bariatric surgical treatment reconstruction. That is particularly well well-known for his considerable experience in the usage of cosmetics lasers. His expertise has been featured on together television mirrors as great Day LA, tough Copy, Dateline, Extra, KTLA as well as in multiple national and also local publications.

Prior to entering personal plastic surgery practice in Los Angeles, Dr. Lent to be an instructor in Yale University institution of Medicine’s Dept. The Plastic Surgery. Dr. Lent is a former Clinical Assistant Professor of surgical procedure at the college of southerly California (USC), institution of Medicine, department of Plastic Surgery. Dr. Warren M. Lent received his medical education at the UCLA school of Medicine, graduating in 1984. He also holds degrees in chemistry and education attained during a distinguished career at Yeshiva University, new York.

Beverly Hills Plastic surgeon Dr. Lent offered a surgical residency in ~ the Albert Einstein college of medicine where he to be Chief Resident. He received his cultivate in Plastic and Reconstructive surgical treatment at the Yale University institution of Medicine, wherein he was appointed cook Resident.

Dr. Lent had actually the difference of being elected as a fellow of the American college of Surgeons and also as a other of the international College the Surgeons. That maintains membership in countless of the significant medical associations including the American culture of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons.

Committed come the advancement of his field, Dr. Lent’s current research includes published documents on Facelift and Laser Surgery. He recently published a publication chapter on cosmetic eyelid surgery. Dr. Lent’s past research connected work in microsurgery, skin transplantation and also melanoma and was a recipient of the MacKenzie foundation and NIH research fellowships. He has actually presented his work and also been a Guest Lecturer at plenty of national and also international medical meetings in the areas of Cosmetic, Laser and Reconstructive Surgery.

As a Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Warren Lent is active in community service. He is most proud that his job-related with procedure Heal Africa and Operation laugh International’s Panama, Vietnam, and also Africa Missions, which noted plastic surgical services for youngsters who, otherwise, would have actually no accessibility to fine clinical care.

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Dr. Lent’s office is centrally situated in downtown Beverly Hills, Los Angeles County, California. “I method aesthetic and also reconstructive surgical treatment as an artist, where producing natural currently of beauty beauty is many important,” that says, “it is attention and caring the ensures the patient the highest level that care.”

Dr. Warren Lent supplies plastic surgical treatment for the breast, body and face. Breast surgical procedure procedures incorporate breast augmentation utilizing saline and also silicone breast implants, chest lifts, chest reduction surgery and breast implant revision. Human body contouring procedures incorporate liposuction surgery and also tummy tuck surgery. Facial plastic surgical procedure procedures encompass facelift surgery, rhinoplasty, laser eyelid surgery and more.

Dr. Warren Lent shows treatment for every patient native the early consultation to the last post-surgery call. We look front to hearing from you. For more information about Dr. Lent and also how plastic surgery can assist, please call us at: