Leliana the Divine? ns asking since conscripting them provides high points to Vivienne and also Cassandra and low points to Leliana and the various other decisions that influence the choice don’t seem to offer Leliana enough points to make for those lost and put her ahead that the others.

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Yes, because the Divine an option works ~ above a point out system and no one selection overwrites the finish decision so much as nudges the meter in a specific direction. Acquiring Leliana together the divine is an ext about little gains end the course of the game, fairly than any huge choices that put her in the lead.

Here's the full break down if girlfriend haven't watched it already. (Warning spoilers, just in case) i wouldn't worry too much around Vivienne being divine as she's pretty hard to install to the throne there is no going the end of your way to carry out so.

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I think it's possible, but really hard, native what ns remember indigenous the guide. You'd probably have to pick the remainder of your dialogue and story choices specifically to get her to become Divine. I'm not sure why they walk not include a battle Table selection to assistance her yet did offer one to the other two.

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Lelianna is nearly like a default divine option take into consideration how numerous points she obtain from everything

And Vivienne is the hardest divine option to get. Practically impossible to have actually her as magnificent compare come others.

And in Bioware games "morally good" decision together "easiest option" nearly never ended great for the world.

This is why i do assume the no matter how people(and ns am too never ever liked her together Wynne and would choose to watch Fiona together mage Divine) might hate Vivienne and also how lot political prostitute she is that whore it s her to well-off Orlais duke and also Empress and also Chantry once mages rebel, she in the finish would revolve out to be a better ending for south Thedas what we can feel in DA4-5 that would finally stop all south Thedas crusades and anti-propaganda v Tevinter, Nevarra and "heretics".

After every she is the only divine option who have actually a realistic plans-views on just how things work in world, not care about old religious crusades and also propaganda as producing radical brand-new religion, have huge political experience and not also need to send assassins to shut under opposition, have rich and also noble supporters and also a small but a really stable faction that loyalist mages with tranquils at her side i m sorry she promote right into Chantry ranks and give them much more political powers and freedoms as was in her epilogues.

Vivienne is prefer a brand-new Blehen who might be a bastard leader who would kill everyone who shot to cross his road, however effective one.

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And yeah regardless of Vivienne shot to officially portrait herself together "loyalist" mage she always was really much lucrosian that not care about Chantry and religious if that not give political power and riches.