From: Baron Edouard in ~ Suledin save after capturing it and completing the reclaim Judicael's Crossing procedure in the battle room

As if the red templar occupation wasn't enough, dragons have moved into the region. Therefore far, only a couple of high dragons have actually been spotted: A hivernal, a kaltenzahn, and also a highland ravager. But if lock breed, the presence of these distinctive and powerful beasts can prove an also greater danger to the local population than the templars.

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Slay the highland ravager

Slay the kaltenzahn

Slay the hivernal

Caged confession (reward: +150 Influence)

From: Scroll uncovered in Sahrnia Quarry much to the southern of the tower camp. Exact same area as where you rescue the villagers native the red templars (from cages)

After luigi was caught by the red templars, he composed a keep in mind confessing come the murder of his wife's brother, Garde.

Return to Sahrnia through Louis' note

Fast travel ago to Sahrnia.

Choice: provide the confession come Louis to store his secret

Choice: offer the confession come Linette to expose what really taken place to her brother

When you get back, Louis and Linette will certainly be sitting near each other. You have the right to either let Louis destroy the letter to keep the secret, or call Linette the truth.

"Lois killed your brother." (Cassandra+)

Capturing Suledin keep (reward: +3000 Influence, +10 Power)

From: Becomes available after completing take ago the lion sidequest in Emprise du Lion

The red templars have actually been pushed back to the long-abandoned Suledin Keep. If they lose this ancient elven fortress, your grip top top the region will it is in severely weakened.

Travel come Suledin Keep

The store is a huge area with heaps of red templar forces inside. Head there completely stocked and also in your finest equipment.

Claim the save for the Inquisition

To record the keep, you'll require to insurance claim it. The best danger in the keep is an infected large (giant imbued v red lyrium), this opponent is really difficult to damage and also deals massive damage with his melee swipes. You deserve to navigate around it if you cannot beat it. You'll have to head up into the higher areas of the save to claim it. Look for supply caches just before large fights. As soon as you arrive at the main location of the keep, you'll stumble upon a demon through the surname of Imshael (*groans in ~ the dreadful reference).

"Fight" *Takes friend straight right into battle, ignoring staying dialogue

"What choice?"

"Riches" (Sapphire, Pearl, Diamond, Emerald)

"Power" (Pure spirit essence, Amulet of power (+1 ability point - Cole), in march of the everlasting shield)

"Virgins" *He instead offers you an additional dialogue option, check out below. Friend can additionally choose one more option instead.

"No, I'm killing you." *Takes friend straight right into battle, ignoring continuing to be dialogue

"Yes I'll take it." *If asked for virgins option, this shows up (Superb corrupting rune - unique)

If you chose any kind of reward alternative he provides you, he will dissappear, along with his continuing to be forces, enabling you to capture the store without a huge fight.

If you made decision to fight, you will engage him in demon type with his spider minions and also red templar horrors. He will certainly change kind multiple times throughout the battle (from various demon types). Conserve your Inquisitor ability for once he i do not care a proud demon with massive guard in ~ the end. Girlfriend will want to wait till you finally whittle it under to use all your specials before he renews his guard.

If you control to to win the demon, you'll get the same rewards as if you chose the power options with the extr exp bonus that the kill. Rise the adjacent stairs and also interact v the flagpole to insurance claim the keep.

(Multiple operations become available)

Coat requisition in the Emprise (reward: +1 Power)

From: Requisition officer at any kind of camp

The quartermaster requested materials to make added heavy coats for Inquisition forces.

Gather the coat products (x5 Plush fustian velvet, x10 Snoufleur skin)

Mama's ring (reward: +150 Influence)

From: A ring crate in a small house in Sahrnia

An elderly woman left an heirloom ring behind as soon as she was forced out that her home by the red templars.

Find Mama's ring

You'll have to go a fair method and v a most red templars to reach the ring location. The the next camp is the tower camp unlocked during the take back the lion sidequest. Once you with it, use progressed search to find the ring in a broken down house.

Return the ring to its rightful owner

Fast travel earlier to Sahrnia camp and also give the ring to Granny Mae

Quarry quandry (reward: +150 Influence)

From: automatic after perfect red captors and rocky rescue sidequests

Mistress Poulin confessed to marketing her household quarry come the red templars. But what would certainly they want through a quarry?

Speak v Mistress Poulin

"People died since of you" (Cassandra+)

"Practical." (Cassandra-)

Once you end up the talk, the search ends.

Red captors (reward: +600 Influence, +1 Power)

From: by nearing the quarry during the rocky rescue sidequest

The red templars captured townspeople come mine the quarry in the love of Emprise du Lion.

Rid the quarry that red templars

The actual adversaries you need to kill because that this search are red templar lieutenants scattered with the quarry. The quarry ar is quite linear, so just follow it along, defeating the swarm of opponents along the means and you should gain them all.

Rift top top the frozen water (reward: +600 Influence, +2 Power)

From: The Inquisition upon arrival to the area

An energetic fade rift has actually been spotted on Elfsblood river just outside Sahrnia.

Close the fade rift

North-West rift: tough (+600 Influence, +2 Power)

Rifts in ~ Drakon's slit (reward: )

From: The Inquisition once passing close to the area

Active fade rifts have been spotted roughly Drakon's Rise

Fade rifts closed (2)

East rift: (+600 Influence, +2 Power)

North-East rift: (+600 Influence, +2 Power)

Rifts in the Springs (reward: +600 Influence, +2 power per rift)

From: The Inquisition ~ unlocking east area that Emprise Du Lion via bridge Operation

Active fade rifts have actually been spotted in the Pools of the Sun

Fade rifts closed (2)

All places are in relation to Tower Camp

North-east rift: NormalFar north-east rift: Normal

Rocky rescue (reward: +600 Influence, +2 Power)

From: Becomes obtainable after completing take back the lion sidequest in Emprise du Lion

Mistress Poulin claimed the red templars took workers from the town. They might be held captive what in the quarry.

Search the quarry

When you arrive at the quarry, your objective will instantly update. An additional quest will also appear (red captors).

Villagers freed (7)

Descend right into the quarry and find the caged prisoners. Open up the cage doors to release them and add them to her rescue count.

(Cole++ because that each rescue)

Ruined tongue (reward: +2000 Influence, +3 Power, Sulevin Blade unique 2H Sword) *In Cradle that Sulevin map area, Mage compelled for quest

From: beginning Cradle that Sulevin after unlocking the area by completing Rumor the the Sulevin blade operation. This operation can be unlocked by recognize a keep in mind to the North-East that drakon's climb camp in Emprise du Lion

There is a legendary elven sword rumored to be found within one overgrown destroy on the sheet of the arbor wilds.

Find the Cradle the Sulevin at the war table - Power forced (10)

These are currently completed when you room in the area.

Collect the shattered pieces of the sword - piece recovered (4) (+500 Influence)

All four pieces have the right to be acquired by activating scrolls i m sorry summon revenants. All 4 scrolls room in bowls the statues, however can just be seen once you space holding a torch the veilfire.

Fall down into the basement (or take it the stairway if you room regular and also unexciting), and light the veilfire torches through a mage. Once they space all lit, a step will show others bright up roughly a statue. Activate the statue and also it will summon a revenant which will drop a piece of the sword upon redeath.

Western Shrine - Light and carry a veilfire come see and grab the scroll. This will certainly summon a revenant and also a pair of corpses. The corpses summoned room equal level to the revenant, and higher level 보다 of rather in the area.

Central Shrine - Light and also carry a veilfire come see and also grab the scroll. This will summon a revenant and a couple of of corpses. The corpses summoned room equal level come the revenant, and greater level than of rather in the area.

Northern Shrine - Light and carry a veilfire to see and grab the scroll. This will certainly summon a revenant and a few of corpses. The corpses summoned space equal level to the revenant, and greater level 보다 of rather in the area.

Bring the pieces of the knife to someone who deserve to repair it

Take the sword to Dagna in the Undercroft of Skyhold to finish the quest, and get the ridiculously amazing Sulevin Blade.



Securing for sure passage (reward: +600 Influence, +2 power per tower marked)

From: Baron Edouard in ~ Suledin keep after capturing it and also completing the regain Judicael's Crossing operation in the war room

Now the Judicael's cross is rebuilt, the road have to be secured to allow cost-free travel in and out of the area. There room abandoned towers along the roadway that, if secured, might be appropriate for maintaining watch.

Secure the an initial tower

Secure the second tower

Secure the third tower

All you have to do is travel to every location and mark the tower. Just avoid the high dragons in the area. No, really. Castle hurt. Oh, and also the level 20 red templar horrors and behemoths at the base of the towers, yeah. Hope you're at the very least level 18 prior to you shot to take it them top top (or space stocked increase on potions).

Sifting with rubble (reward: +150 Influence)

From: book in damaged house to the West that tower camp

A fisherman was near Judicael's Crossing once the red templars carried the bridge down. He thought he saw something glimmering in the rubble, but was also scared come investigate, concerned the red templars can see him.

Find what was glimmering in the rubble

After rebuilding Judicael's cross in the operation, cross the bridge and also use progressed search to find a superb lifeward amulet in the rubble. Pursuit complete.

Stalker (reward: +150 Influence)

From: book next to a hut North-West of Sahrnia camp ~ above island at elfsblood tower.

A hunter came v here, obsessively stalking part elusive prey.

Find the ruins discussed in the hunter's note

The ruins are adjacent on an additional raised area out of the river. Near a rock statue is another note on the ground. Read it to finish the quest.

Take back the lion (reward: +2000 Influence, +1 Power)

From: The Inquisition upon come to the area

The red templars have occupied the Emprise du Lion. Breakthrough into the region's heart to discover why.

Wipe the end the red templars in ~ Highgrove (+200 Influence, +1 strength for setup up camp)

This is the indistinguishable of the camp develop quests from various other areas. The only distinction is you'll need to catch the camp sites by defeating groups of red templars. You'll uncover several swarm of red templars, red defenders, red templar marksmen and also other 'red' enemies prior to you reach the pursuit marker. When you arrive, you'll uncover a big group the zealots, defenders and marksmen defending a camp site. When the enemies are dead, insurance claim the camp site.

Wipe the end the red templars on Drakon's climb (+200 Influence, +1 strength for setup up camp)

You'll need to pass through a red lyrium cavern to with the area the Drakon's rise with several groups of templars on the way. As soon as you reach the area, you'll need to attend to your very first red templar behemoth (large hulking brutes who have the right to deal far-ranging melee damage). An ext red templar pressures will it is in guarding the camp site on the various other side the a huge red lyrium spire.

Wipe the end the red templars in ~ the tower of bone (+200 Influence, +1 power for setup up camp)

There is a sizable pressure lurking at the tower that bone, including a behemoth and templar article (close range caster). Take it it slow and shot to clear as many as the groups from selection as you deserve to to avoid wasting your resources.

The corruption the Sahrnia (reward: +150 Influence)

From: The Inquisition upon arrival to the area

The human being of Sahrnia space cornered - through the elements and also the red templars that have actually overtaken the region.

Speak with the townspeople around what have the right to be done

You must talk to mistress poulin in town to uncover out what's been happening in the area.

They shall not pass (reward: +150 Influence)

From: Baron Edouard in Suledin Keep as soon as you have actually taken it over in recording Suledin save sidequest

Judicael's Crossing has been destroyed, presumably by the red templars, come restrict access into the region.

Inspect the bridge to watch if it deserve to be repaired

A brief distance indigenous the tower camp is the crossing you need. Walk follow me the leg to discover a banner. This banner will certainly unlock the reclaim Judicael's crossing operation. Girlfriend don't actually have to repair the leg to obtain the reward, simply planting the banner finishes the quest.

Turning the tables (reward: +150 Influence)

From: publication to the North-West of the tower camp after perfect the stalker sidequest

A keep in mind at an exit camp, left by a huntress, argues she is gift tracked by a previous lover and also intends to revolve the tables on him.

Learn her following move

Head come the significant location to find the publication next come a small camp. Look at the screenshot if girlfriend are having trouble detect it.

Valeska's watch (reward: +150 Influence)

From: connecting with the door to Valeska's watch to the eastern of Drakon's increase camp

The enntrance gate to an abandoned grey warden outpost well-known as Veleska's watch is locked.

Find the vital to Valeska's Watch

Use advanced search to uncover the surrounding corpse hold the key.

Enter Valeska's Watch

Open the locked door to finish the quest.

Words not hollow (reward: +150 Influence)

From: one infected mrs lying on the ground on a hill in Sahrnia Quarry much to the southern of the tower camp

A woman, infected by red lyrium and also unable to walk, has actually asked because that a letter to she husband come be inserted in a hole tree through the river.

See more: David Allan Coe: If That Ain T Country I Ll Kiss Your Ass ), David Allan Coe

Place the woman's letter in the hole of a marked tree by the river

Fast travel back to Sahrina camp and walk over the frozen flow to uncover the hole tree and also place the letter. Quest over.