Majin space Majin Buu"s gyeongju in Dragon round Xenoverse 2 and also they deserve to have a high Defense. This race has actually both male and also female options, which differ from each other a bit. The racial and gender stats could affect how you desire to develop your character. Or what personality you in reality make.

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I"m going to walk over instances of just how to construct your character if you space a Majinand why castle are good ideas. Friend can examine out my guide on racial Bonuses to gain a better idea that the bonuses Majinget.

This guide will walk over structure Majincharacters in Dragon ball Xenoverse 2 including:

Stat/Attribute suggest Build - examples of what to put points in.QQ Bang - QQ Bangs that occupational well through Majinbuilds.

Stat/Attribute point Build

All Majin characters have a high defense and greater defense when stamina is maxed. Males have an ext health and also take lower damages until stamina is low. Females have actually lower health, butrecover indigenous stamina break faster.

This could readjust how you desire to build your character, despite you deserve to still build them differently. I"ll go over builds that take these bonuses into account.

This also assumes you have the an increase from the Guru"s residence that lets you advanced stats to 125.Check my Conton City guide if girlfriend don"t know how to perform that.

The max level is 80 and you obtain 332 attribute clues to placed in.


Health -30Ki -42Stamina -10Basic attacks -125Strike Supers - 0 or125Ki Blast Supers - 0 or 125

Male Majins have actually a high wellness already, however putting some in can make an even bulkier character.

You want 42 in Ki to obtain an extra bar of Ki at the end.

Stamina is low to take benefit of the extra Defense Majins gain when at complete stamina. Lock recover slowly -- therefore the much less you have, the less complicated it is to remain at max.

Basic Attacks should be maxed out, then max out either to win or Ki Blast Supers.

The transformation of choice would be Potential Unleashed because it is far better than the Pure form Majin transformation. Girlfriend will require at the very least 5 Ki bars to perform this.

QQ Bang

The main thing you want is something that does not lower simple attacks or the super you desire to use by much. If girlfriend can, obtain one that raises these.

Lowering stamina and also health is fine since you will have a many health and don"t need lot stamina

Below is an instance of a decent Level 4 QQ Bang to use. This deserve to work because that both males and females. This is just if you want to perform Strike Supers.


Health -2Ki +5Stamina -2Basic strike +2Strike at sight +5Ki Blast super -3

Female Majin

Health -30Ki -20Stamina -42Basic assaults -105 or 125Strike Supers - 0, 105, or 125Ki Blast Supers - 0, 105, or 125

This is a small different from the male version. Health deserve to stay the same due to the fact that even v lower health and wellness than males, this will give a decent amount of health.

Ki is lowered since I wanted to put more points in Stamina. Because Females deserve to recover native stamina rest faster, higher stamina means I can use an ext evasive moves and also vanishes.

I would certainly suggest having actually a ability that can recover Stamina though, to make it much easier to keep the Defense bonus at max Stamina.

The strike stats counts on what you value more, and also what QQ Bang friend use. I"m making use of the QQ Bang I listed above so ns go v 105 simple Attacks and also 125 strike Supers.

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QQ Bang

Same as the male section, however if you can, find one the doesn"t reduced stamina. V this build, you certainly want to have high Ki to comprise for not placing a most points in it.

That"s every for mine Majin develop guide because that Dragon sphere Xenoverse 2. Permit me know if girlfriend have any questions or builds of your own!