After numerous weeks, the Zamasu and also Future Trunks story arc in Dragon round Super has pertained to an end. Illustration 67 shows us the conclusion that this interesting saga.

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As girlfriend may have actually seen from critical week’s episode, Dragon round Super illustration 66 finished with Future Trunks slicing Zamasu in half. Episode 67 sees how this all ends.

Basically, Zamasu cannot think that he has been beat by a mortal and then his physical body disappears. It looks favor the war is finally over. Goku, Mai, Bulma and the rather congratulate Future Trunks in death Zamasu. Future Trunks continues to be humble and says it to be the strength of everyone.

It’s also interesting to hear the Goku states his knife acted like a soul Bomb. Future Trunks did conjure increase a soul Bomb out of nowhere even though he was never taught just how to use the an approach before.

The illustration then take away a various turn because Zamasu is not dead after all. A rift opens up up and a cloud of smoke covers the sky. Zamasu is earlier in cloud kind and laughing at all of the survivors.

Goku tries to revolve Super Saiyan Blue, however his power dissipates. He provided up every one of his energy earlier when he to be Vegetto. Vegeta is also weak due to the final Kamehameha they offered in critical week’s episode.


Future Trunks, Goku and also Vegeta unleash a Galick Gun, Kamehameha and also Final speed to the cloud form of Zamasu. Nothing happens as Zamasu smiles down upon them. He climate devours the whole Earth and also spreads across the Universe. Over there doesn’t it seems to be ~ to it is in a way to defeat him.

Zamasu’s evil spreads to even the existing time as child Trunks and also the others watch Zamasu’s face. Zamasu has actually killed everyone in the future timeline intend for Future Trunks, Goku, Vegeta, Mai, Bulma, Gowasu and Supreme Kai.

Goku thinks he has a Senzu p left, however he will his back pocket to see the device he got from Zeno. If you remember Zeno, he’s the ultimate god-like character that has infinite power. Son ogong asks if Zeno is still alive in the future, can be fried Kai claims that he must be around.

Goku presses the button and Zeno appears. Zeno sees all of the mess and also starts damaging the totality world. Son ogong panics and also urges anyone to escape right into the time machine. As Zeno is about to destroy Zamasu and also this whole Universe, everyone escapes back to the existing in the nick the time.

I’m no sure about your opinions, however I thought this was a weird method to end Zamasu. It would have been more profitable to check out Future Trunks acquire the final blow to Zamasu. Making Zeno appear seemed like a weak way to finish things. Heroes need to usually get rid of obstacles on their own, not speak to on someone rather to aid them. That’s choose if Batman referred to as Superman come fight all of his villains for him.


Anyway, earlier to the recap that this Dragon ball Super episode. Everyone is back in the present and it’s funny to see 2 Mais at the exact same time. Even Kid Trunks has actually a to like on the larger Mai. Future Trunks and also Mai are still concerned. Their human being is no more. That timeline got erased by Zeno completely.

Goku and also Future Trunks go earlier to the future to watch if over there is noþeles left. They view Zeno by himself in a sea that nothingness. Castle actually lug the future Zeno come the current timeline lot to the disbelief of Beerus!

If you remember a few months ago, the current Zeno wanted to discover a girlfriend to pat with. Son ogong is currently letting the existing Zeno play with the future Zeno. You can say the he’s currently playing with himself. Sorry, that sentence sounds a little rude, but it’s true.

Anyway, Whis has actually a systems to both Future Trunks and also Future Mai. He states there is a brand-new timeline/world that they deserve to go to wherein Zamasu no exist. This is the new timeline Beerus created when he destroyed Zamasu ending the time loop.

Whis says he will take treatment of this brand-new timeline forewarning Beerus around Zamasu. That sounds choose Whis will tell bius to death Zamasu prior to the supreme Kai dies. In Future trunks timeline, his supreme Kai passed away which is why beerus wasn’t around.


Beerus states something that ns agree with. He claims that Goku and also the others count on the gods too lot to do their occupational for them. This is simply one that the factors why ns didn’t favor the method this arc ended.

Whis end his decided by saying the Future Mai and Future Trunks will certainly be life in a brand-new timeline where one more Trunks and Mai still exist. Future mai is happy with it as everyone they know is still alive.

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Anyway, Future Mai and also Trunks agree to live in this brand-new timeline and everyone says goodbye. Vegeta provides his own distinct goodbye by throwing a fist at Future Trunks. As they space leaving in the time machine, Future Trunks cries when he look at Gohan. It reminds him a most his own (and cooler looking) Gohan. Dragon round Super illustration 67 ends through the 2 going to their brand-new timeline.

Despite my worries with Zeno and cloud Zamasu, this story arc together a whole has been amazing. I would certainly say the my second favorite story arc in Dragon Ball background behind the Androids/Cell saga. It’s absolutely the finest saga of Dragon ball Super. Anyway, to be you satisfied v the way things ended?