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Garrison sources are other you might casually dismiss if leveling up. Pursuits are giving them left and right, you"re not having any kind of problems structure your an initial building or two, and also everything looks peachy. For this reason you"re reasoning that friend may as well start buying those overfill Potions of accelerated Learning because that 100 sources a pop, right? Wrong! anyone who has actually spent thousands of their precious resources on those potions could be in because that a crude awakening when they struggle level 100 and realize they require 2000 resources to upgrade their garrison. Don"t permit me prevent you native buying the potions if you truly need to gain to 100 a few hours earlier, but don"t say ns didn"t warn you.Either way, you"re going come run right into a resource problem eventually. Garrison resources are the key bottleneck for progressing every aspect of her garrison. Given sufficient time, friend will eventually generate enough resources come do every little thing you want. However we"re not all patience people, space we? Here"s a few tips to acquire your hand on some resources as quickly as possible.Found within your garrisonYour garrison cache alongside your town hall generates resources at the rate of 6 per hour (144/day) and can host a best of 500. This lets you go away indigenous the video game for a couple of days there is no worrying about losing any of these cost-free resources.There are some sources buried approximately your garrison. They"ll show up as little mounds of dirt.There is an underwater cavern in her fishing pond, swim down there because that a chest with a few resources.Some follower missions deserve to reward resources. These specific missions carry out not price resources come start, but other follower goals do.Quests
BuildingsRares and treasuresHave any more tips? let us understand in the comments! We"re every starving because that these resources.
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