Englewood Truck will certainly be the very first choice for heavy duty towing and also equipment transportation services in the region.

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To provide peace that mind come our client base and also the communities we serve v our civilization class towing and also transportation solutions. We achieve this by our commitment come professionalism, safety, top quality of work, and also quick an answer times. We cultivate a safe and also ethical culture where employees space empowered, and also customer’s expectations are exceeded ~ above a repeat basis.

In 1948, Englewood van Towing and also Recovery was started by frank Cecrle in Oakwood, OH. Originally well-known as open minded Cecrle’s Garage, Frank had actually a vision to create a truck and also auto repair service to offer Dayton, OH. Several years later the towing company was created. Candid bought his very first heavy duty wrecker, a Holmes 850, to tow trucks right into his shop because that repairs. Regional trucking companies and also police department learned that Frank and also his abilities and also began requesting his business for tows and also recoveries. In 1968, as the towing and repair company grew, candid bought a piece of building along Rt. 48 in Englewood, OH. Federal government 70 was being built through this interchange and the home would offer as the headquarters for Englewood Truck for the next 40+ years.

In the early 1990’s Englewood Truck enhanced its organization offerings by branching into the heavy equipment transport industry. Frank and Anthony, his son and also current Owner/President, establish there was a require for a specialized hauling provider in the Dayton area. They construed the needs of rental companies and also contractors which resulted in the creation of the equipment transport division. Englewood truck has since become the trusted surname for heavy devices hauling in the area.

Englewood truck Towing and also Recovery has followed its Mission Statement transparent the year which has allowed us to prosper to 5 terminals throughout Southwest Ohio and a fleet of over 70 trucks and trailers.

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Cody did a great job towing my tractor and trailer to mine shop, gained me off the side of the road quick and also easy! appreciate ya man!

Cody R. Google

Oh mine god i cannot give enough stars. I was grounding in the mud through my U-Haul. Not only did Englewood Towing save the day, the driver went over and beyond and parked the vehicle towing trailer in a very tight spot for me. Ns was at my wits end and also he came in prefer a night in a red truck and also swooped the U-Haul out of the mud. I can’t to speak enough. ❤❤❤❤❤.

Joanna B. Google

Quick response......got mine semi tanker trailer back on the road(literally) by lifting the back of the trailer out of the ditch in no time at all!

Seals C. Google

Jason to be an amazing guy. Did terrific job towing mine tractor and also trailer. That did everything smoothly and they have actually some sweet rigs!!! I absolutely recommend these guys.