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An Experiment because that the sake of the Gospel

Our dioceses are on a journey to discover how collaborating can aid us change our congregations and also communities with the strength of Jesus Christ. In ours churches, anyone is welcome, without exception.

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Welcome! God is call us into a brand-new reality below on the southeastern shores the Lake Erie. We hope girlfriend will sign up with us in answering this contact as we reach out to civilization who carry out not recognize the transformational power of Jesus Christ, civilization who have been propelled to the margins, and also people that feel like they aren’t worthy come step into one that our large stone churches. The roadway to revolution may be rocky in ~ times, yet we hope you will walk it through us.

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In 2018, our dioceses pledged themselves to an extraordinary collaboration because we think that God was calling united state to embrace brand-new ways of working on behalf of the Gospel here along the southeastern shores the Lake Erie. We are 90 congregations, spread across 20 counties, but we space one church, unified by faith and specialized to offer our communities and spreading the an excellent News the Jesus Christ. Below in this part of the country that plenty of have forgotten, we think that we have actually the potential to command the church into a brand-new season the growth.

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It isn’t always easy to find our method to God. The disciples we encounter top top the roadway to Emmaus to be heading in the not correct direction! lock didn’t even recognize Jesus, whom they had followed for years—until he broke bread v them. Our church finder was developed to do your search a small easier. Use it to find congregations, to adjust centers and also church-related organizations throughout the region. You don’t have to be a member to attend our services, get connected in our work, or uncover solace and sustenance with our ministries.

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In a video clip recorded at St. Philip’s Episcopal Church in Buffalo on December 15, Bishop Sean reminds us that Jesus concerned share our humankind in an unsure and changing world, and also that God’s comfort goes through us, also in difficult times.


Dear world of God in Northwestern Pennsylvania and also Western new York: previously today, I remained in touch v Bishop terrycloth White that the Diocese that Kentucky, which is reeling after the damaging tornadoes the ripped with the western component of the state critical weekend. The storm was most likely the worst ever to struggle Kentucky, and…