Some windows users space consistently gaining the Streaming Error F7121-1331 top top Netflix at any time they try to stream something native Netflix utilizing their browser. In most cases, this problem is reported to happen with Mozilla Firefox.

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Streaming Error F7121-1331 in Netflix

As it turns out, over there are numerous different reasons that might cause this details error code. Here’s a perform of potential culprits that might trigger the Streaming Error F7121-1331 in Netflix:

Outdated browser version – If this difficulty is caused by one HTML5 conflict, it’s probably since you’re utilizing an outdated internet browser version that renders the streaming service believe that HTML5 playback is not supported. In this case, friend should have the ability to fix the difficulty by update your browser to the latest variation available.Corrupted cookie or cache data – according to some affected users this problem can additionally occur due to a corrupted or badly conserved cookie or cache. In this case, you deserve to fix the problem either by clearing Netflix cookie & cache or through clearing the when suite of short-term data from your browser.Interfering ad-blocker – If you’re actively using an ad-blocker imposed at a device level, possibilities are it’s conflicting v Netflix. If this scenario is applicable, you should be able to fix this problem either by disabling real-time protection or by uninstalling the problematic extension or add-on altogether.

Method 1: Updating web browser to the recent version

Since this specific issue is oftentimes related to an HTML5 issue, the apparent place to begin is to make certain that your web browser is totally equipped to take care of HTML5 playback.

According come some influenced users, you can expect to check out the streaming error F7121-1331 in situations where her Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser is severely outdated or if a an insect or glitch provides Netflix think that the internet browser that is attempting to attach is not actually sustained by the browser.

In this case, your very first attempt at addressing the problem is to pressure your web browser to upgrade itself to the latest build. If friend don’t know exactly how to execute this by yourself, follow one of the below guides listed below to update Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome to the latest construct available:

A. Update Mozilla Firefox

Open your Mozilla Firefox browser, then click the action button (top-right corner of the screen).When you see the key menu of the browser, click Help to carry up the sub-tab, then click About Firefox indigenous the paper definition menu.
Accessing the aid menu of FirefoxOnce you’re within the About Mozilla Firefox menu, click the Restart button and update the Firefox button (in case a brand-new version is available).Wait for the procedure to complete and click Yes at the User Account control (UAC) as soon as prompted to do so.
Updating Firefox come the recent versionAt the end of this process, your Mozilla Firefox internet browser should restart automatically. As soon as this happens, go back to Netflix, sign in through your account and also see if the difficulty is now resolved.

B. Upgrade Google Chrome

Open Google Chrome and click on the action button (three-dot icon) in the top-right section of the screen.After you manage to open up the Settings paper definition menu, access the Help submenu, then click About Google Chrome.
Click on around Google ChromeAs shortly as you’re inside the around Google Chrome tab, your web browser will instantly begin scanning for a brand-new build. If a new one is found, you will certainly be motivated to download and install it.Update Google ChromeOnce the installation is complete, your internet browser should restart itself instantly – If the doesn’t happen, force a restart through yourself.Return come Netflix, sign in through your account and see if you’re tho encountering the same F7121-1331 streaming error.

In instance updating come the latest internet browser build didn’t resolve the concern (or girlfriend where already on the recent build), relocate down come the following potential resolve below.

Method 2: Deleting your web browser cache & cookies

According to some impacted users, this error password that you’re seeing through Netflix can additionally be concerned a corrupted cache or a badly conserved cookie the is determining the Netflix server to end the connection.

Other customers that encountered the same trouble in the previous have regulated to deal with this trouble in 2 different ways:

You have the right to specifically pursue Netflix cookie & cacheYou have the right to go for a full cleanup and wipe out the cache folder and also all the cookie that your browser at this time saves.

Going for the focused technique is what us recommend if friend don’t desire to lose saved logins on various other websites the you visit from your browser.

But if you suspect that you can be taking care of some sort o interference brought about by a cookie that doesn’t belong to Netflix, you have to go for a full cookie & cached data cleanup.

To make things less complicated for you, we’ve put together 2 different guides for each potential fix.

A. Clearing Netflix Cookie and cache

After friend visit this web page from your browser, friend will automatically be signed the end of her Netflix account, for this reason revisit the Netflix page and also Sign-in with your account again by inserting your credentials as soon as again.
Signing in with the cell phone Netflix appAttempt to stream content that was formerly failing with the streaming error and see if the concern is currently resolved.

B. Clearing all your browser’s cookie and also cache

Keep in mind the the process of finding out your browser’s cache and a cookie will be different depending on the browser that you’re using. Typically, Chromium-based browsers all have the same steps that you must follow, when the measures on Mozilla Firefox are a small different.

Because of this, we’ve put together a guide that will certainly walk you with this procedure on every famous Windows version so you’ll know exactly how come clean your browser cache & cookies.

Follow the sub-guide connected with the browser that you’re right now using.

In situation clearing the cookie & cache of your web browser didn’t resolve the worry in your case, move down to the next potential settle below.

Method 3: Disabling ad-blocking software (if applicable)

After investigating the Streaming Error F7121-1331 with Netflix, it turns out the this difficulty can additionally occur in cases where the user is actively using an ad-blocking solution applied at a browser level (via an extension or add-on).

If this scenario is applicable, it’s most likely that Netflix will certainly deny accessibility to the streaming organization due to a conflict. In this case, the only means to settle the difficulty is come disable or uninstall the ad-blocking expansion that is resulting in the problem.

Google Chrome

On Google Chrome, you have the right to disable the problematic ad-blocker by inputting ‘chrome://extensions/’ in the navigation bar and also pressing Enter.

Next, native the list of extensions, find the ad-blocking extension, and also disable it by making use of the On/Off toggle or uninstall it altogether.

Removing or disabling Adblock

Mozilla Firefox

On Mozilla Firefox, you’ll require to kind ‘‘about:addons” inside the navigation bar and also press Enter to with the Add-in screen.

Once inside, scroll down with the perform of mounted add-ons and also either uninstall or disable the ad-blocker that you’re proactively using.

addons page Firefox

If this scenario is no applicable as you’re not using any type of adblocker or you disabled it and also you’re tho encountering the exact same problem, move down come the next potential solve below.

Method 4: Disable hardware acceleration

Hardware acceleration can also be the underlying causes that might trigger this streaming error v Netflix. This attribute is easily accessible on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox and is known to reason issues with streaming client (particularly on pc rigs with low specifications).

Some individuals that have likewise struggled with the Streaming Error F7121-1331 have confirmed that the trouble was solved after they have actually disabled hardware acceleration from their internet browser settings.

Important: These modifications might cause particular hiccups in streaming (lags and also feezes), but it’s still far better than not being able to stream at all.

To do things simpler for you, we’ve produced 2 different sub-guides that will certainly walk you v the process of disabling hardware acceleration on Mozilla Firefox and also Google Chrome:

Disabling Hardware Acceleration top top Google Chrome

Open her Google Chrome browser and also click on the action button (top-right corner of the screen).Next, native the newly appeared context menu, click on Settings.
Opening the Google Chrome settingsOnce you’re inside the Settings menu, use the Search Settings function at the top of the screen to find for ‘hardware acceleration‘.Next, indigenous the perform of results, disable the toggle connected with Use hardware acceleration when available.
Disable hardware acceleration on Google ChromeOnce you perform this modification, restart her browser and also retry the streaming attempt in Netflix at the next web browser startup.

Disabling Hardware Acceleration top top Mozilla Firefox

Open your Mozilla Firefox browser and click top top the activity button (top-right corner of the screen).From the newly appeared context menu, click on Preferences, then pick General pane native the following menu.Inside the General tab, scroll under to the Performance category and uncheck Use recommended power settings. By law this you’ll reveal extr options.Once additional settings room revealed, go ahead and also uncheck the box associated with Use hardware acceleration as soon as available.

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Uncheck “Use recommended performance settings” and also “Use hardware acceleration when available”Restart your browser and also see if the trouble is currently resolved.