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I to be trying come take build in an ionic2 application. I obtained this error while to run ionic develop android. The error log in is

ANDROID_HOME=/home/varun/Android/SdkJAVA_HOME=/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-oracleError: can not uncover gradle wrapper in ~ Android SDK. Can need to upgrade your Android SDK.Looked here: /home/varun/Android/Sdk/tools/templates/gradle/wrapperI do the efforts updating the sdk yet it was discovered that the sdk version is latest.

When i looked in ~ the Android/Sdk/tools folder over there is no templates directory. Ns am running on ubuntu 16.04, v cordova variation 6.5.0


There has actually been a more recent release that Cordova Android that additionally fixes some problems with SDK devices 26.x.x

cordova platform upgrade android
6.2.2Old answer

Google damaged Cordova Android 6.1.x and some various other frameworks v their latest sdk devices update.

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Cordova Android 6.2.1 has been released and also it"s currently compatible v latest Android SDK.

You can update your present incompatible android platform v cordova platform update android

Or you have the right to remove the existing platform and add the new one (will delete any type of manual adjust you did within yourProject/platforms/android/ folder)

cordova communication rm androidcordova platform add android


I addressed by this by replacing the tools folder in my Android SDK with an older variation of the SDK tools (r25.2.3). Monitor these steps to do the same:

Unzip this folder. Girlfriend should finish up with a devices directory.Navigate to your $ANDROID_HOME magazine (~/Library/Android/sdk/ top top OS X).Rename the pre-existing tools brochure there to tools.bak (e.g., mv devices tools.bak)Move the tools brochure you just downloaded right into the SDK folder (e.g., mv ~/Downloads/tools/ .)

A new significant version the the SDK devices was just released, which appears to be leading to some problems with Ionic (see the press release here:



There"s no have to downgrade Android Tools.On home windows gradle relocated from:

C:Usersyou_usernameAppDataLocalAndroidsdk ools


C:Program FilesAndroidAndroid Studiopluginsandroidlib emplatesgradlewrapper

So you just need come ajust your course so that it points come the best folder.

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I had same problem and also I solved it with Carlos Delgado"s answer.

Android Path must be collection before all points below. Unzip -> copy and also paste "tools > templates" folder come your task folder (/Libraries/Android/sdk/tools/) press option vital to watch Libraries folder in her Finder
Error: could not find gradle wrapper in ~ Android SDK. Could need to upgrade your Android SDK - Android