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Hi!We run 2 sites ~ above Joomla 3.7.2, PHP 7.0.20 and MySQLi 5.5.5-10.1.24-MariaDB. We have actually updated both consistently since they were built and also only currently we uncover this issue. I recently revitalized both sites indigenous a backup using Whenever trying to conserve a change or a new module/article or attempt navigating to an international Configuration we get the "Error decoding JSON data: Syntax error".I have spent a work researching this issue and also have currently used the script. It did not find any empty spaces to start with but reported a collection of one type of error and one circumstances of another. Because I am no trained in PHP, also when looking at the code in i still cannot recognize what is wrong v it.I am posting the code right here asking for help to discover out what is wrong v it.The first error shown is in _acymailing_mail:Row 5 is not valid JSON. Error: (Syntax error)Content: a:3:s:6:"action";s:7:"confirm";s:13:"actionbtntext";s:28:"trans:CONFIRM_SUBSCRIPTION";s:9:"actionurl";s:19:"confirm/confirm";Next come 54 errors that all look to be really similar:Row 77 is not valid JSON. Error: (Syntax error)Content: a:3:s:6:"action";s:4:"none";s:13:"actionbtntext";s:0:"";s:9:"actionurl";s:0:"";The second one is displayed in _extensions:Row 23 is no valid JSON. Error: (Syntax error)Content: "filters":"1":"filter_type":"NH","filter_tags":"","filter_attributes":"","9":"filter_type":"BL","filter_tags":"","filter_attributes":"","6":"filter_type":"BL","filter_tags":"","filter_attributes":"","7":"filter_type":"NONE","filter_tags":"","filter_attributes":"","2":"filter_type":"NH","filter_tags":"","filter_attributes":"","3":"filter_type":"BL","filter_tags":"","filter_attributes":"","4":"filter_type":"BL","filter_tags":"","filter_attributes":"","5":"filter_type":"BL","filter_tags":"","filter_attributes":"","8":"filter_type":"NONE","filter_tags":"","filter_attributes":"",},}}}I can edit the password myself if only someone might tell me what is wrong v it and also what requirements to it is in changed.Best RegardsJohan Niklasson

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Joomla! version (in x.y.z format)3.7.2
PHP variation (in x.y.z format)7.0.20 back-up version (x.y.z format)5.4.0
Kickstart variation (x.y.z format)5.3.1