Text the the Quest:

Trials of the Burnished scales Due to antiquated rules, the the Aldmeri rule is enabled to undergo sacred Argonian trials at Hissmir. Success will allow him come commune with the Hist. To identify his true plans, I have to pass the trials myself. I have to speak with Chimatei to start the first trial. She is on the northwest corner of the pyramid.

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Talk to Chimatei

Trial that The mental Puzzle

First of every you must pick up items in the senter the the room. Then, you need to location a ideal item right into a details chest:

Jaraleet"s Chest - Vial of Hist SapBetzi"s Chest - Zaht rock GemsAwas"s Chest - Kothringi Axe


Azinar: You challenged the rule at Murkwater? We have a similar problem that ourown.Hero: The Dominion? Here?Azinar: Those who finish the trials might commune through the Hist. I don"t recognize why this interests the Dominion, yet I are afraid it is no good for Shadowfen.Perhaps you could find out yourself? take it the trials, and keep an eye top top this enemy of ours people?Hero: i will save an eye ~ above Captain Henaamo.Azinar: Chimatei presides end the trial of the Mind, the f irst challenge. He"ll administer the trial to any type of supplicant.Hero: Why walk a pilgrim have to complete the trials to commune through the Hist?Azinar: All room as one in ~ the Hist. To be as one needs discipline. The trials prove her commitment.They also test her body and also mind. We should see if you"re capable of surviving the procedure without dice or walking mad.Hero: Goodbye.

Chimatei: Pilgrim, the attempt of the mental awaits below. Your goal is simple: present you recognize our past.Hero: What deserve to you tell me about the trial?Chimatei: Communing with the Hist teaches who we were prior to makes us what we are now. Come remember our ancestors" deeds is to recognize ourselves. Find out of ours past and also act v what you gain.Hero: I will take the psychological of the Mind.Chimatei: You conquered the attempt of the Mind. Much faster than Captain Henaamo. Might I add. Probably he"s not suited to tasks of intelligence.Hero: What is the following trial?

Leetu: Please, I require your help!Hero: What"s wrong?Leetu: so embarrassing. I twisted mine ankle during my Trial. Would you walk me earlier to Hissmir? i can’t do it alone. So plenty of beasts in this marsh!Hero: I"ll escort friend back.

Nazuux: I"ve waited because that you. You"ve undertaken the psychological of the Heart.Hero: walk I operation out of time?Nazuux: The psychological of the Fang remains prior to you. You have to fight when at good disadvantage. Bimee-Kas will aid you in her preparations.Hero: I"ll speak through Bimee-Kas.

Bimee-Kas: one more pilgrim? So couple of today, beyond yourself and also that rule soldier. Are you prepared for the trial of the Fang?Hero: perform you provide the psychological of the Fang?Bimee-Kas: Here. As soon as you feel the poison"s fire in her veins, difficulty any warrior to single combat. Go, prove yourself all set for the Hist!Hero: Goodbye.

Tribal Berserker: What?Hero: i hereby challenge you as part of mine Trial that the Fang

Bimee-Kas: I check out no lingering impacts from the source Rot Poison. Aren"t friend a hardy one!Hero: | completed the psychological of the Fang.Bimee-Kas: Yes and also you did that well! couple of make it past the attempt of the Mind let alone all 3 trials. They"re important to prepare one"s body and also spirit for what comesnext.

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