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In my france Iron male playthrough I complied with most that the french missions, dominated burgundy and also get the sucession battles in italy and spain. Currently I want to push right into germany and also disband the HRE. I never actually did this in my 200 hours playtime. My inquiry is how can I perform it the fast way because after that I can subjugate poland. I defeated the elector Trier in ~ my borders but for some reason cant force vassalization on them, instead I took 2 provinces from them. For this reason if ns cant vassalize the electors exactly how am i supossed come take your ,,Independent" status and also dismantle HRE?



you need to either have the electors as an ally or regulate their capitals. (of all electors + emperor) so simply wait until the truce is over, try then to acquire all electors+ HREmperor in (doesnt have actually the same) a war, manage their captials at the exact same time, epic win
Honestly, i think hardest component of Dismantling the HRE is no the battle it"s allying or acquiring into a war with all the non-ally electors (+Emperor) in ~ once. Frequently the electors dislike each other or Austria or both make it practically impossible. Because that example, Saxony hates Austria and also Brandenburg and also allies with neither. You can fight Austria and ally Brandenburg, but Saxony won"t gain involved and you can"t declare 2 wars versus the HRE at a time. Periodically you might get lucky and also Saxony (in my example) would defend some non-HRE country enabling you to take their capital, however often the inside HRE nations have actually no external the HRE allies, particularly later in the video game when the only tiny nations in Europe room inside the HRE. My many successful dismantlings have actually been by Poland and also immediately after the Lithuanian PU/Moldovian march events.