So ns finished How small We Know. Cachino is in charge and had Troike tree the thermite for this reason he's dead. What do I carry out now? i don't get any kind of dialogue choices with Cachino for where he have to buy weapons from. I also don't get any kind of dialogue options with Mick. Any help would be appreciated.

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The only thing I have the right to think of is if you choose up the note in big Sal's office, then you deserve to not gain the option from Mick to acquire the pimp boy.

The dialogue opens from asking Mick the "How's business?" question

you should be able to talk come mick. There should be a dialog alternative to tell him the the omertas room buying again.

I imply you check out the autumn wiki, every solitary little information around this game is in there:

I did to water over the wiki. Looked at mission page, Mick's page, Pimp-Boy's page, etc. Discovered bugs making that impossible, hoping you men would point out something to the contrary or something ns missed.

I ran right into some issues.

One you need to talk come Mick prior to you attend to the Omertas and also get the business sucks because he is not taking care of the Omertas dialog option.

Two you have to complimentary troika which method not picking up his blackmale note. You additionally have to obtained through his tools dialog choices and have you or him destroy the guns

Three you need to gain to huge sal prior to destroying the guns and also ask him about doing organization with Mick he will tell you come mind your frigging business.

Four Cachino have to survive and become head of the omerta there is no dialog choice you must worry around with him.

Five walk to Mick and also you will have actually a new dialog choice in the very first dialog tree you have the right to scroll under to that states he the Omerta's will certainly buy from girlfriend again.

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