That’s me volunteering in ~ the farm yard to customer Legal Defense fund table in ~ the local Weston A. Price conference in Southbridge, Massachusetts.

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All weekend long I answer questions and also encouraged conference attendees to authorize up to come to be members.

I additionally helped sell T-shirts, bumper stickers, DVDs and books which additionally helped progressive money. That photo of the T-shirt above was by much the best-selling T-shirt at the conference.

I also sold one come a dietitian who told me she’s dislike by mine Plate (the standardized federal government food regulations) and the nutrient-deficient developed food she is compelled to give to patients in hospitals.

There’s A most dietitians that feel that very same way.

But seriously, isn’t that a GREAT T-shirt? well you can obtain it end at the farm to customer Legal Defense money website.

They have an online save where you can inspect out every their fun and creative merchandise.

But what’s even better than buying a T-shirt is buying a membership.

Farm to customer Legal Defense fund memberships are only $50 a year and you’re supporting a vitally essential non-profit organization that is specialized to protecting little family ranches that thrive their food honestly and also sustainably. And what that way is the they’re likewise protecting YOUR right to pick what food you want to feed your family.

I promise friend that large Ag is working tough to offer you NO selection but come buy their processed frankenfood. And they’ve currently been quite successful at it.

Many civilization live in “food deserts” a hatchet that refers to geographic locations with little to no accessibility to an excellent quality food. One overwhelming majority of supermarket food contains GMOs, preservatives, synthetic colors and also flavorings. The 40,000 or so assets in the mean mega-supermarket might look like a selection but they’re just different forms that nutrient-deficient, industrialized food.

And those foods items are making us sick.

How the farm yard to customer Legal Defense money Protects Us

The farm to consumer Legal Defense fund defends tiny family farms, life milk dairies and artisan food producers from unfair and burdensome government regulations for this reason that us the consumer can continue to access those foodstuffs in our communities.

These laws and also regulations often favor large-scale agricultural producers that treatment nothing for the land, the food they thrive (including animals) or the human being who consume it.

Major food recalls are currently commonplace be it lettuce, apples, tomatoes, peanut butter, beef or melons. These are constantly the kingdom of commercial food production and yet the is the small-scale sustainable producers that are frequently targeted for food safety worries where no violations exists. And sometimes lock are also targeted through force. Yes, armed raids on raw milk dairy farms are no uncommon, consisting of the Amish.

The farm to customer Legal Defense fund defends these ranches from government harassment and gives them a voice.

And they do it for virtually nothing. They literally administer legal depiction to little farms for simply the price of a membership. But as castle operate specifically through donations and membership fees (with no government funding) they desperately need our support to proceed to carry out this.

So please take into consideration joining today.

Our small Farms require Your Help

In fact, this past weekend as soon as I to be volunteering, i was shocked come learn just how couple of members are part of the farm yard to customer Legal Defense Fund.

Considering they’re a nation-wide organization and considering the heightened publicly awareness of sustainable, essential agriculture, ns figured membership would be in the 10s of thousands and also the donations would certainly be flooding in.

Nope. Not also close.

So they really require your help. And by “they” what I likewise mean is the farms and also farmers who market you genuine food – plants grown there is no pesticides and also animals increased humanely, top top pasture.

For the overwhelming bulk of tiny farms, legal fees have the right to be a death sentence.

So please take into consideration joining today and becoming a member.

Be a regional Hero

Because the enlarge I get the an ext I check out who ours true heroes space in this country and also they’re certainly not entertainers and athletes (and absolutely not football players).

Where ns live there’s a renowned bumper sticker you’ll view that says, “Be a neighborhood Hero.” That’s referring to not simply the regional farmers but likewise the consumers that assistance them!

So please perform me, yourself, your farmer and everyone else that eats a favor and be a local hero today.

Click right here to sign up to come to be a member of the farm to consumer Legal Defense Fund.

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